Sold my first eggs today

haha grats!! Many more egg sales to you!

I think I'd be crazy eggcited too
Cool's fun when you finally start paying yourself back for all the feed and stuff....
I had it figured the first time I sold a dozen that it should sell for $432 to break even.
It's tough finding buyers at that price.....
I sold my first 2 doz. yesterday, actually my wife did to a co-worker. What's everyone getting per dozen, I sold mine for $2.00 each dozen. Too much too little? The nice thing is he wants 1 dozen every week.
I haven't sold any yet, but am considering putting an 'honor stand' at the end of my driveway. I stayed with a friend in Ohio to do some trail riding this summer, and her neighbor had one of those, which I thought was a great idea.

For now, I'm so jazzed about having eggs, that I'm giving away dozens of them to everyone I know--the vet got a dozen yesterday, as did some co-workers, two dozen to a good friend--I won't ever have any to sell if I don't quit giving them away!

I sold mine for 2.00. My husband said 2.25 with the carton or 2.00 if they bring their own. She was thrilled with the price and brought her own carton. I gave some of the smaller and not as pretty looking ones to my sister. I mentioned the price and she said, "geez that's kind of expensive you can get them in the store for less than that." I thought it was pretty reasonable and was surprised that my own sister balked at it.

Editing to add I GAVE them to my sister, not charged her and she still compalined about the price and I don't think she even said thank you now that I think about it. Hmmmmm
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Tell your sister these taste MUCH better then the store eggs, lol

I sell mine for 2.00 too... sold 4 dz. today... to my cousins and they thought that was a great price...

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