Some People Suck! Warning RANT!!

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    Last friday my kids had no school. My youngest daughter (5) had several appointments, so I told my son (9) to bring something to do, because I knew he would be bored. We left early, stopped and got dd's AFO's (braces) fixed, they need a new screw, they went to her dr.'s appointment. It was a long one, usually is. My son was very good, played his nintendo ds. As we were leaving, I stopped at the window to make her next appointment, the kids went into the waiting room and was playing with the scrap paper they had out for them to color on. Son was teaching dd how to make a cootie catcher. We left, went upstairs to the cafeteria to eat, since dd had a therapy appointment after lunch in the same building. After eating, we went to the bathroom to clean up, that is when I realized my son didn't have his nintendo ds with him. We went back to the cafeteria, nope, then remembered he sat it down in the Dr. office when we were leaving, to make the cootie catchers. So we ran back upstairs. It was no where to be found! [​IMG] Staff and Dr. happened to be right there talking and asked what we were looking for, they helped us look, and asked if we were sure we left it there, since there had only been 2 women there since we left, one was there waiting when we left, and one was coming in as we left. These women were now in the exam rooms.

    I am so stinking mad!! [​IMG] One of those adults stole a toy from a child??? Seriously??? [​IMG] I wanted to walk back to those exam rooms and confront them, especially after holding my son as he cried the rest of the afternoon. [​IMG] This boy sold boy scout popcorn 2 years in a row, was one of the top sellers and instead of picking a prize, he opted for the walmart giftcard, because he really wanted a nintendo ds. He then saved all his birthday money and did odd jobs for us and neighbors until he earned $170! Enough to buy the DS with a game. It took him 13 months! Since then, he has gotten more games and a case for his birthday and Christmas and some low life creep stole it all!! [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] Poor kid has cried the last couple of nights before bed, because he loved that stupid thing.

    Now I have to figure out how I am going to get him a new one, even though my husband was laid off in March, found a new job (thankfully!) but at half the pay, and we are seriously struggling. Because I know it was a life lesson, but man, it was a little harsher than a 9 year old boy deserves!! [​IMG] Anyway, after being in such a good mood this month, trying to find things to be thankful for everyday and posting them to my facebook, this just ruined my holiday spirit! I can only hope that woman needed that gameboy more than my son! [​IMG]

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    Aww, that stinks!

    Did you check with lost and found(I'm assuming this is a hospital)? Where I work if someone finds something like that we have a lost and found in the security dept I believe.

    Poor kid. We all can forget things.
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    I agree sometime people are totally bad. How can anyone justify taking childs toy whether it was left or not. Don't know if it will help but Walmart is having a sale on DS light for 98.00 this friday You have to get there vry early but who knows you just might luck out. If your local store is open all night I just found out you can go in earlier than 5:00 and wait for them to open the pallets of sale items, My daughter plans to go eary and stand right beside the DS's when they remove the black paper they are hers lol Good LUck Try to get those spirits up. Micki
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    [​IMG] Awww, I'm sorry for your DS's misfortune, & for your grief on his behalf. I know how a Mom's heart aches for her children's hurts.

    Maybe you can find one offered at a good deal for Black Friday, or any of the other sales this holiday season. Meanwhile, this will be an important, albeit painful, lesson for your DS: you must be especially careful with your important and expensive stuff! You can't rely on other folks to take care of/watch out for it for you! I realize he worked hard & long to earn this first unit, so perhaps you shouldn't be too hasty to replace it for him, especially if it's not in your budget. If you lose your wallet full of cash, or a piece of jewelry, or something else of value, there's no guarantee someone in the world will rush in to replace it. You'd have to deal with the loss and learn to be more careful in the future.

    It still stings, I know, and stinks too if someone, especially an adult that should know better, kept it for themselves after finding it. It may not have been those 2 women though, you don't know for absolute certain that your DS left it there, he could have left it in another place. It's sad that so many folks, even grown-ups, don't know how to Play Nice.

    Try not to let it ruin your holiday spirits, be all the more determined to be one of the Good Guys this Christmas, the world sure needs as many of them as it can get!
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    Yes, we called security and left our name and number, checked at the info desk too. Just don't understand how someone justifies stealing something, especially from a child, even if it is to give it to their child. We donate what we can every year, even in hard times like this, we don't steal from someone else! [​IMG]
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    Apr 15, 2009
    wow that stinks!

    walmart had a sneak peak on their black friday deals - and Nintendo DS is supposed to be $98 that day
  7. vicki2x2

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    Feb 9, 2008
    Central Michigan
    I won't let this ruin our holidays. Family is what matters, I just needed to rant. We will figure out something. I just wish my son's didn't have to learn how cruel this world can be at such an early age. He has had more than his fair share of disappointments and losses in his life and while this can't compare, it is just another black mark against trusting people in his eyes. I should probably mention that we adopted him at 21 months and he was moved multiple times before coming to us, so he is a shy, sensitive boy, who doesn't trust easily.

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    Gee! So sorry. [​IMG] Why?
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    My youngest son did the same thing. Laid the DS down, walked away for a minute, and poof, it disappeared. He was also upset and waited for Christmas for another. However, the good thing to realize is that with all the electronic devices he has now as a teenager, he is much more careful. He's learned a valuable lesson.
    I know that isn't much consolation considering your situation, but it's all I can offer...
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    I'm so sorry - that really stinks! It is tough when such a small item is worth so much. My DS lost his Nintendo DS under similar circumstances. We had gone out of state on vacation and he took it with him. Halfway home he looked for it and couldn't find it in the car anywhere. We looked and looked, and finally concluded he left it in the motel room. I thought the chances we'd recover it were really low but when we got home we called back to the motel and lo and behold, the housekeeper was an honest sort. She had found it while making the bed, and handed it in to the front desk who were only too happy to package it up and mail it back to us - at their expense! I'll keep my fingers crossed you'll end up getting yours back too.

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