Somebody Get It: Free Shed Cl Houston Tx Area

I just called on the listing for hen & chickens for $35. I really am interested in the cage. I am heading to Humble today anyway. Nobody answered.
NO, never heard from them either...I went to the next ad:

3 1/2week old EE's...5.00 3 black and gold and one all white, very healthy. Woman sells birds, chickens, in North I45 and Gulfbank

Had Toppers and such...cockatiels, parrolettes, peach faced love birds, brahmas, cochins
Is that the lady that always has birds for sale? Pics?

Are you planning on coming this way for Conroe Animal Trade Days next Sunday?
no she is another one, she is not the one in Spring, which I think is the one your asking on...I can later find the info and send it to you...

maybe tomm...

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