Someone Asked for Suede ... Blue Orp Pics

Discussion in 'General breed discussions & FAQ' started by speckledhen, Oct 12, 2008.

  1. speckledhen

    speckledhen Intentional Solitude

    Suede is one year and nine months old now. He's just finishing up his molt so the brassy feathers are mostly gone and here's the big guy today.
  2. hinkjc

    hinkjc Crowing

    Jan 11, 2007
    Suede is such a handsome fella! [​IMG]

  3. He is just stunning. [​IMG] I have a 100 foot old cow barn, behind our main barn that stores some equipment. I keep gazing at it thiking I could add some more breeds/colors. I may just have to add myself to your waiting list.[​IMG]
  4. hcammack

    hcammack Crowing

    Oct 5, 2007
    wow suede is so beautiful !! and those poor molting ladies in the background arn't so bad either. I am going to take some pic even though most of the girls have no feathers.

  5. MissPrissy

    MissPrissy Crowing

    May 7, 2007
    Forks, Virginia
    He is beautiful. [​IMG]
  6. speckledhen

    speckledhen Intentional Solitude

    I feel privileged to have Blue Orpingtons and although Suede may not be the absolute perfect example of the breed, he has produced some really great kids, even show-winning. And you cant beat this guy for being calm and even-tempered. I'll get new pics of Skye when she regrows her beautiful feathers.
  7. Mahonri

    Mahonri Urban Desert Chicken Enthusiast

    May 14, 2008
    North Phoenix
    My Coop
    He is one big fella!

    ... but I guess the hens are too, good thing.
  8. speckledhen

    speckledhen Intentional Solitude

    Yes, it's why Suede cant be my main flock rooster, his massive size. He'd crush some of my ladies.
  9. d.k

    d.k red-headed stepchild

    * Chompin' at the bit to get to the library and see the new picks, Cyn!!! That Suede is my "dreamboat" roo!!! I want to print out his pics and put em in my locker!!! Haha! [​IMG]
  10. SterlingAcres

    SterlingAcres Songster

    Apr 17, 2008
    Poconos, PA
    [​IMG] omg is he gorgeous or what?!?!

    I sooooo want some of his babies [​IMG]

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