Someone tell me about Mille Fleur chickens


8 Years
Oct 9, 2013
Are they always bantams? Is it one breed or the name of a genetic trait like "columbian"?
How big are their eggs and do they lay often compared to a leghorn or red star?
Are they broody (am looking for broodies)?
Is it worth adding a few hens to my flock?
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They are a bantam breed. There eggs are small and they lay well, but not as well as leghorn or red star. They do go broody occasionally and If you ever want to show birds or simply want a good pet for kids I would highly recommend it.
Do you have a bantam flock or large fowl? If you have bantams it should work out, but they are too small for large fowl.
Bantams are small so you need smaller fencing for them. Chicken wire should do. If you notice the larger pets pick on the bantams I would suggest moving them to their own pen.
I can get some fertile eggs for free so I am wondering if its worth the effort. I think I will go ahead and set them. :)

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