Sometimes I just don't understand people....animal re-homing rant

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I tend to browse the craigslist pet ads....yes, I know, stupid. Anyway, I come across so many that say "we are moving and need to find a home for our dog, cat, etc.". I try to think the best....moving to a tiny apt., no room there, etc. However, I always wonder. Today I came across an ad. "I am about to deploy and my wife and kids will be moving to Iowa so we are looking for a home for our dog. She is a spayed, UTD on everything, obedience trained, about 1 y/o German Shepherd.

OMG!!!! WHY???? Obviously, as a military family they KNEW they would be moving when they got her less than a year ago. We drove all the way from Alaska to Arkansas with numerous animals. Animals are so easy to move if you just plan ahead. Military bases allow pets. I just don't see a reason here. So, though I should have minded my own business, I wrote them. I politely asked if they had considered all the other options since she was so obviously loved. Explained we had, as a military family, done this several times and would be glad to help them figure out the hows of moving her if they needed help. Wished them luck with everything and signed off.

I got a snippy reply saying "Well, that sure didn't help us at all!"

I just don't get it!!!!!! WHY??????? People don't decide to re-home their kids just so they don't have to bother moving them. Have people lost the ability to think BEFORE getting a pet? What if no one wants her? A shelter perhaps? I don't know. Just makes me irritated that people can be so irresponsible.
I agree it makes me very angry that people can't just take the responsibility of owning a pet I could see if they were moving into a apartment or renting where they weren't allowed to own pets.
We just moved from NY to TN. When we moved we brought with us....28 parrots, 2 dogs, 1 cat and 10 sugar gliders. It took us 16 hours for us to move all of them but we brought all of them with us.

There are also organizations that will help military families if they have to move. I've seen them advertised. I get so sick and tired of seeing the ads as well.

It just gets so old. SO I know what you mean.

Me too. That is just plain wrong. I want that dog. Shoot, I wish I lived close. I can't read the lost and found or anything like that. I am too much of a wuss.
LOL...... i did the same thing today. Made some suggestions to help educate the ignorant owner to better care for the a nasty reply
I was only thinking of the dog. I saw another person posted in regards to an ad that was getting rid of the dog because they dont have much time for it anymore. But they said it gets along fine with their 10 and 8 yr old kids. So the person replied with an ad urging them to re-home the kids too. If you dont have time to tend a dog.......pretty simple and inexpensive compared to 2 would be kind to find them kids a better home too
I love it when people post like that
The reason people rehome animals and not thier kids when they move is because they cant rehome thier kids, without going thru the whole adoption process.
B. Saffles Farms :

The reason people rehome animals and not thier kids when they move is because they cant rehome thier kids, without going thru the whole adoption process.

Actually, there are some places you can abandon them, no questions asked, up through 18, I believe. LOL I am almost positive I heard you can in Wisconsin???? At least that is what I tell my kids. "Don't make me have to move to Wisconsisin".

Glad I am not the only one who is so sick of this. Everyone screams about breeders causing all the pet overpopulation and filling the shelters (and yes, and irresponsible breeding is a huge part of the problem) but people like this are too.​
I get tired of seeing those ads as well. " beloved pet, needs a new home due to move" BELOVED??? Jeesh! We too drove from Alaska to Oklahoma...with 4 kids..a Golden retriever..Siberian husky...a U Haul pulling a truck on a trailor, and a full sized van. We probably looked like a band of Gypsys...but our "beloved pets" made the trip with us. Its sad..but too many people now days think pets are disposable.
I have a story about pets and taking them with you. I live in hurricane country. During Katrina, my two daughters and I loaded up at least 7 horses, 4 dogs, 4 birds and a pot bellied pig and evacuated. We were stuck on the road 48 hours!!!! Scariest thing I have ever been through. Pets are family.
I am just glad the people on here know that pets really are family members, NOT posessions!!!! When a move is coming up one of the first things I do is start planning for the comfort of the animals on the trip. I already have it figured out how my beloved chickens are getting from all the way North in Arkansas to San Antonio, Texas in about a year. The other pets seem easy compared to figuring that one out!!! LOL
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