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As many of you might have noticed, there have been / are some problems on BYC. We started an upgrade in the weeee hours of the morning that were suppose to take only about 1/2 an hour and have now turned into 5.


We've got our server technicians on the job trying to fix things and will keep you posted.

Please make sure that you don't hit the "submit" button multiple times or we get flooded with duplicate posts. If you see duplicate posts, please report them.

We apologize for any inconvenience and hope to have things fixed ASAP.
Hang in there! It's frustrating
. . . but it's not the end of the world. When I couldn't get into the forum the other night, don't really know why, I just kept trying! It's so addictive! And the people are really nice. So. . . take a deep breath . . .
Tonight (this morning?) we fixed some of the problems we started having yesterday. Hopefully things will run a bit smoother.

We still have a handful of upgrades to do to the software, database, and probably upgrades to a new server, but we'll try to do those late at night and keep the downtime to a minimum.

All part of the process of running an amazingly huge and wonderful community that is growing like crazy!
yes yes yes byc is back! i was having withdrawal symptoms and actually CLEANED my house!! argh!!

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