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Sep 23, 2008
Monroe, Ga
So my SO works for a logging company (family business). My SO got his best friend a job there after a few years. Well a couple of years ago my SO and a man who use to work there started doing firewood on the side. Well after the man moved my SO asked his best friend if he didnt want to help with it. Well they did it all last season together.
Over the past year due to several incidents our trust and freindship with the SOs BF has started to deteriorate (I dont know how many of you know about the thread where I posted that I was moving in a different direction then all my friends but he was one of the ones I was speaking of then...).

Well we went on vacay for 4 days. On day 1 we left them enough food for a couple meals (it had been raining outside so we didnt want everything to get soggy and wet, so we left what could fit in their dog house with them). SOs BF was suppose to do us the favor of going and feeding them for us. We call him before we leave to come home to ask how the dogs were and he just ...FORGOT... to feed them. My dogs went 3 days without eating! And heres the kicker.....
He drove RIGHT past our house TWICE that weekend..

How do you just forget your "Best friends" dogs when they are like a part of our family and go with us everywhere..
I mean its one thing if the guys only seen the dogs once or twice.. but we take our dogs camping (with the best friend camping too), our dogs play together, we bring him to his house he brings his to ours..

Well my SO was saying 'OH Im through with him. This was the last straw. Forget him...'
So this past week a man calls wanting a load of firewood and I tell my SO well I will help you with it..

This is great for me! I never get a chance to make any money. I stay at home with my two year old and splitting wood I can bring him and my 4 year old along. I mean its only $50 a week but to me it feels like I am rich! Plus I was saving this money to go towards the cost of my chicken coops, fencing, electric fencing for my pig, fencing for the goat pen, posts...

Well I was further talking about it to my SO about how I have a plan to sell more firewood and hes like 'oh no I have to tell my BF about this. He has a right to do this from now on...'

It makes me SO mad that just because his BF sucked up to him at a party last night everything changes...

First of all it kinda broke my heart.
Secondly that is the only way I have to make any kind of money....

I just feel like I have been wronged..
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I would feel that way also. Be sure to tell your SO how you feel maybe he does not realize what it means to you to earn your own money.
aww, hun! I'd be upset too! You have to talk to him...he may not really understand how you feel unless you tell him. Good luck! Sorry he hurt your feelings.
I tried! I even told him what I was saving it for (and he knows Im super excited about it and would love to contribute..) but he still said
Sarah you dont understand I HAVE to include BF...
Sounds like your SO is a forgiving, loyal friend.
He probably just doesn't understand where you are coming from. He probably feels he provides for you, and you don't need the extra money. I know because my husband felt the same way, he didn't understand that it is nice to earn some yourself. That's why I work part time at my kids school.
What s that all about? He does not HAVE to do anything. Did you ask him why he HAS to? Esp after he let your dogs go without food for 4 days.
Sounds like you vs the BF and he choose the BF!!!

If you two are really a couple, I don't understand how/why he wouldn't want the money to stay "in the family".

Good Luck!

Thanks Guys.

Im just going to tell them all the customers the Best Friend brings in he can have but the ones I bring in Ill take.

If the best friend stays true to himself and the SO decides to take him over me hell regret it in no more than a month and Ill be on the side lines...

I told you so, I told you so

I told him last night...I have goals for this money, Ill put it to good use! All best friend is going to do is view it as extra beer money

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