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6 Years
May 8, 2015
Western washington
I had one hen die last week from sour crop now I have a second hen with this condition. Both are bared rocks 15 months old approx age. Both had cleanish smelly. Discharge from beak when held at 60 degree angle and gently helped them vomit. Could corn cause problem? I only feed at night to get them into chicken tractor at night. They free range all day. The first hen had heavy breathing before she died the second one is now heavy breathing. Any comments from your experiance appreciated.
My barred rocks once broke into a bag of sunflower seeds (with shell) and ate so much that their crops blocked and then soured. 4 were fine but it affected 2 very badly. Separate her and give her 1/2 tsp epsom salt mixed in 1/4 cup water. Syringe it to her slowly but get as much in as possible. No food just water available to her. You may need to do it 2nd time. It is a mild laxative. I feed scratch to get chickens inside at times and havent had an issue so maybe they have gotten into something while free-ranging?
Hope it works for you.
I gave her a 1/4 of a monastat tab with some grape seed oil about noon. I just went out and checked her. I have her separated in a big dog cage away from the others she is breathing heavy and head is down in have a bad feeling this is not going to end well. I love my bared rocks so friendly . Thanks for your response! If I have any more I will try the Epsom salt first.
A third hen had a dour crop today I gave her the Epsom salt treatment.she is moving around complaining of her separated status had several looser than normal but pasty poops. I'm encouraged she will make it! Thank you!
appy to hear that! Did the one that you gave the monistat to make it? Hoping so. May want to find some time to observe what they are getting into to cause this. Sour crop can be a symptom of a disease or they may be gorging on something or getting into moldy feed. It's odd to have 3 come down with it out of the blue
No sad but the one I gave monostat to also died. It is a bit of a mystery for sure. The corn looks good but it is cracked corn and rather large in size. No moldy feed around that I can find. I'm at a loss! I observe them a lot nothing seems out of wack. They free range all day. The area is mowed. Dry now for the most part. I will do some more observation. The first two that died were bared rocks this one that I found yesterday is a giant black. I found her crop last night feeling like there was a ball of soft bread dough in there the fuels gone. I gave her another treatment with the Epsom salts. She was NOT happy about me wrapping her in a towel!nbut her wings are so strong it is the only way I can restrain her! Have not been out there yet this am just got up. I will post her progress in just a few min. thank you again!
Giant Black hen ate soft scrambled egg with a small amt of softened layer pellets with a small amt of grape seed oil. Crop was empty before giving her this food. Leaving her in sick cage for today. So far looking good! I looked around I can find nothing that is moldy........
Well that's good to hear. Sorry about your losses. Hopefully that's the end of it. I had to remove my wild bird feeders because my girls wouldn't stop gorging on what got thrown or spilled out if it lol. They would even send the little banties up to kick it out for them!
Clever girls! My wild bird feeder is incur inner yard where the hens cannot go but a couple of years ago before we fenced them out they loved scratching under that feeder! I have one hen from that original group. Yes,cross my fingers praying this is the end!

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