Sour Crop?

The best time to check a crop is at daylight before they have eaten or drunk anything. It should feel empty and flat. Did you notice a sour or even rotten odor from her beak? How old is she and does she lay eggs? What are you feeding, and do you have granite poulty grit out in a container for your chickens to take as they need?
Wow, that was quick! I did not notice any sour or rotten odor coming from her beak, she is about two and half years old and lays about five eggs a week. I feed her Scratch and Peck organic layer feed, along with table scraps, and scratch, berries, and other things as treats. I do not offer them grit at this time as they free-range all day, but do you recommend that I do that? Thanks for your quick response!
Hi! I’m glad to hear that her crop feels normal, it was probably nothing. I don’t feed my chickens grit as they also free range often. I don’t think that it’s necessary to give them grit unless they don’t have access to dirt or sand.
Glad that her crop is empty. I always have grit available in case they need it. There can be tiny rocks in the dirt, but there may not be enough in everyone’s soil. It costs about $10 for a 50 pound bag, and it lasts for many years.
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