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Jun 23, 2011
Hi everyone. Well basically 6 days ago I noticed my little orpington open her mouth to breathe. She then went outside and hunched over away from others. I seperate her and noticed she couldn't really eat, she was trying bit then sort of gagging or jerking. I thought she may have either gape so I gave her flubenvet, poss a respiratory infection so she was on baytril or maybe coccisidiosis so I treated for that. She started eating a bit but yest I watched her and she was Sat jerking again. I stumbled over sour crop on the internet as I felt her crop was large and squidgy. I made her sick but it did not smell. I gave her some love yog and mixed some crushed layers pellets and yog together and she ate it straight away. I did the same this morn as it was large again and put some garlic in. Do you think I'm doing correct things and if its sour crop as no smell? How long should I did this for. Any help would be much appreciated.
Sounds like the beginnings of sour crop. The crop is probably slowing down and it may or may not turn into sour crop. At this moment, I am dealing with an australorp pullet of 27 weeks with a sour crop. It started last week Monday with her not coming for her favorite treat. When I picked her up, she regurgitated some of the contents of her crop. The crop area felt soft and squishy. I vomited her a few times thru out the day and none of it smelled at that time.

But I started her on bread drenched in yogurt as this is all she would eat. She ate this for a few days as her crop got larger and squishier. I even tried the olive oil treatment, however that is more for an impacted crop. She started to refuse water so I was syringing water down her throat.

Well, by Friday she was so ill I took her to the vet where she had her crop flushed and we were sent home with Nystatin, which treats sour crop. Basically a sour crop is a yeast/fungal infection. My pullet has been cold and I have had her under a heat lamp at night. All she will eat is hard boiled egg soaked in yogurt. She will eat some of this 3 times a day. Today was the last day of her medicine and her crop is still huge. I have been massaging her crop to help her burp to get the uncomfortable gas out. (she too does that neck/crop jerk. They want to clear the contents of the crop out).

Anyway, keep up with the yogurt and even put probiotics in the water if you have any. Good bacteria feed on yeast and fungal cells. But the yeast can bloom very quickly and you will know the crop is souring when her breath smells really bad. Don't stop with these things until the crop goes back down to normal. Don't offer her anything with sugar in it as yeast loves to grow with sweets. So make sure the yogurt is plain. Keep an eye on her over night as if she is getting cold, (mine did) you will want to separate her and get heat on her at night. If she gets cold, this can slow the crop down even more and allow the yeast to over take her crop. My girl sleeps in the greenhouse in a rabbit hutch with an infra red heat lamp on her all night. The vet said to not let it drop below 75 degrees and when they are sick they can tolerate 80 or 85 and be comfortable.

Good luck with your baby. I am so sorry your orp baby is sick.
I am right with you in treating our orps and keep me informed on how she is doing!...Leyla

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