Sourdough bread ?

Whispering Winds

11 Years
Jan 14, 2009
Bond County, Illinois
I emailed another lady about this ?, but am getting braver about posting a new thread. I made a batch of sourdough today, used 1 cup bread flour, 1 cup milk and 1 cup sugar. . .it said to cover it and let it set on my counter to let it breathe, so its been breathing for over two hours . . . now what do I do, refrigerate it? I had a batch years ago, and I know I kept it in the fridge, but I need a little jolt of memory help!!!


12 Years
Dec 28, 2007
SW Ont, Canada
Do a search--Frugal recently posted a pictorial on sourdough.

But to answer some of your questions-no leave it on the counter, stir occasionally. Every day take out 1/2 the mixture, then replace with equal parts flour and water. It should be bubbly and the consistency of pancake batter. Check out Frugal's post--I haven't even successfully made this yet though--this is just the info that I have come across.

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