Southern California Chicken Swap Anyone????????


9 Years
Mar 11, 2010
Mecca, CA
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My Coop
Anyone interested on a Chicken swap meet or is there one planned for us in Southern California?
I would really like to attend one. Anybody wants to stand up and organize one????????
The only meet-up I know about is one that is in San Diego--WAAY too far for me. Maybe we can organize something closer to our neck of the woods. I live close to the 60 & 605 freeways.
didn't i post...??? maybe i didn't push the button...¿

i said, make it like in whittier ca... that way it will be closer to sue and me...

I'm giving this thread a bump so more people can see it that might be interested.
way too far... you guys are leaving us urban los angeles folks out of all the fun... why don't they make one in long beach..? or somewhere in orange county...?

30 min drive would rock, but even if it's an hour it would be tight too... i've driven to lancaster for some chickens before... that was an hour...

but still...

long beach... or whittier... LOL...

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