Space Coast Chicks?


9 Years
Mar 6, 2011
Titusville, Fl.
Hi there! I am new but wanted to see if we could get a thread for all of us Space Coast Floridians out there


ItsaZOO32 Titusville

Geepy Canaveral Groves

carolsaucier Palm Bay
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Good for you setting up this site. We shouldd each tell a little about ourselves. I am in Palm Bay and bought biddies last summer for my 6 year granddaughter. She lives in VA so all the fun and work are for DH and myself. We have 3 RIR and 8 Dominque hens who are more fun than television any day. Right now we are fighting them from all our spring gardening and yummy plants. The girls are also providing 2 families with eggs and making enough to pay for their food besides.
I am in Titusville! I'm a wife, mom and chemistry teacher. I have my first hatch coming next weekend.
A local woman was nice enough to give me 30 "mutt" eggs to try for my first hatch. Since I set these we have decided to keep a few and am now working on modifying a coop I am buying from a local gal. (Thanks Jen!) Here is a pic of the coop with my oldest daughter.


We also have an almost 2 year old daughter, 2 dogs, 2 cats, a hamster and a ball python

North MI with my cluster of critters with more coming.

We got the first goats and chicken for our youngest son as we moved into our new house. Sadly he passed away shortly after we moved in. So I keep the four legged crew and feathered friends going in his memory.
so sorry to hear about your son. Bless for keeping his pets and adding more.

As a child my pet duck kept my Mom supplied with the best eggs for baking cakes and making egg salad. Wish I had a place for them here.


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