Spanish Ranch Mastiffs

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  1. she-earl

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    Jan 17, 2009
    Lancaster County PA
    Is this really a breed? They don't look anything like a Spanish Mastiff at all. Some would look more along the line of a Pyrenean Mastiff.
  2. Kevin565

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    Dec 22, 2009
    To the best of my knowledge it's just another "Designer breed."
  3. watchdogps

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    Jun 4, 2011
    Central Ohio
    can you post a link?
  4. she-earl

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    Jan 17, 2009
    Lancaster County PA
    I will try and post a link. If that doesn't work, do a search for "Spanish Ranch Dogs" and look for the edgefield link.
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  5. watchdogps

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    Jun 4, 2011
    Central Ohio
    thansk. A quick consult with some rare breed nerds I know, including ones with SMs, point to the SRM being a made-up breed.
  6. she-earl

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    Jan 17, 2009
    Lancaster County PA
    I didn't think they looked anything like a SM dog. However, I will have to admit the puppies are cute. I wonder what they really would be like for a watchdog/pet dog.
  7. badkittyamy

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    Oct 20, 2012
    Reading their website all i can smell is bs tbh.

    "These dogs were similar in appearance and temperament to our dogs,(Maremma X Tatra crosses ) with the exception that they were much heavier bone mass, carried more height and came in different colors other than white."

    How lucky that you ran across a dog in your travels that looks just like a cross you already breed right?
    Nowhere do I see them referred to as Spanish "ranch" mastiffs and those dogs look nothing like spanish mastiffs
  8. Moochie

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    Nov 8, 2010
    North Edwards
    Next there will be Spanish Ocean Mastiffs :p
  9. lgdnevada

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    Mar 5, 2016
    N. Nevada
    The "spanish ranch mastiff" is just as you all discovered, is nothing more than the made-up creation of two cheese making women in Wisconsin - a designer, made up breed that does not exist. Their "SRM" dogs are actually crossbreds that include Maremma and Polish Tatra. Now here is the real clincher: these two women's latest trick is trying to pass off their "SRM" as actually being a Portuguese - not Spanish - Livestock Guardian Dog breed, as this post by one of the women, shows you:

    The Cão de Gado Transmontano is the type of dog that Mary Falk brought back on her ventures to learn cheesemaking in Spain. She called it the Spanish Ranch Mastiff, to distinguish it from the show and pet dog that is prevelent on the internet. I obtained three of these pups, and we have both found them to be very effective against wolves....

    Janet McNally Tue Mar 04, 2014 12:49 pm

    WHAT? [​IMG]

    Can you believe this? It is sad indeed someone would go to such extremes to build a reputation but alas, these women were able to sucker many people in this country to buying their dogs. Maybe they need to stick to making cheese and leave breeding LGDs to more honest people?

    Now, you all may wonder why I'd pipe up on this thread. I have long debunked these women and called them out for their fakery (as have several others all over the Internet - including people in Spain and Portugal).

    A couple of years ago, they sent me what is best described as a hot air filled hollow threat penned by a lawyer who sounded suspiciously like he had Janet and Mary sitting on either side of him, over a bottle of wine probably, telling him what to write. In other words, they threatened to sue me for calling them out on the "SRM".

    Well bring it on. I called on my lawyers to fire back at them. They did, in spades, throwing down the gauntlet and telling them there were similar posts all over the Web discrediting their bogus "SRM" breed. The "SRM" gals crawled back into their hiding holes, and have now resorted to (see above) trying different means to market their crossbred pups.

    How sad they can't just say what they are instead of having to make crap up. Their dog they brought over from Spain almost two decades ago was no sooner a Cao de Gado Transmontano as it was a Scottish Terrier…..and their original dog's blood has been so watered down by now, there is hardly any of it in their current crosses. They regularly scoff at REAL working Spanish Mastiffs in this country (such as I have imported over and breed), and are roundly and routinely laughed at and debunked by all legitimate, upstanding Spanish Mastiff breeders - both here and abroad. The CAO de Gado people in Portugal even came unglued when I shared your posts and the above with them. It is a total slap in the face to those of us with real Spanish Mastiffs and CAO de Gados.

    You guys called it right: total BS.

    I have been raising LGDs since 2009. I've crossed purebred Spanish Mastiffs in the past on my two Maremma/Anatolian studs who are now retired. The big difference between me and these two women? I didn't pass my pups off as a "new breed" like "Nevada Wolf Killers" or "Spanish Coyote Maulers" - I didn't try to create a breed out of my occasional crosses. I called them and most importantly marketed them, precisely as what they were: half Spanish Mastiff, 1/4 Maremma, 1/4 Anatolian (btw it was a great cross). I also didn't try to pass them off as Spanish Mastiffs!

    Lack of transparency and fraudulent claims are the hallmarks of bad breeders. ANYONE who has to cover up what is in their cross should be steered clear of in terms of purchasing a pup.

    Oh, and you folks will be proud to know this whole thread you started, was shown to my lawyers who used it along with many other posts all over the Internet, and much more credible sources as well, to prove these women were just blowing smoke.

    Pat yourselves on the backs…..


    Keep on truckin'…..and have a great day…..
  10. KDOGG331

    KDOGG331 Flock Master

    Jan 18, 2008
    You all definitely seem really knowledgeable and after lgdnevada's post, they definitely seem extremely sketchy and not reputable at all.

    But I must admit that I read the website

    Before I read the other posts and the website is fairly convincing I gotta admit and I even felt bad about this post

    Since they do say on their website that they look nothing like spanish mastiffs and aren't supposed to be, they acknowledge that, so i thought calling them out for not being Spanish mastiffs was a little almost mean at first


    after reading all the posts here, it's not mean anymore and never was and they sound like horrible people and threatening to sue? Really? Wow...

    But at the same time, if they truly are good guardians does it really matter? Have they scammed people? Genuinely asking.

    Going off your posts it seems that they have and are very well known and notorious?

    And I wonder if they even saw the dogs in Spain?

    I admit, I believed that too lol

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