Spent Grains


5 Years
Apr 23, 2014
We have access to loads of barley that has been used by a local microbrewery to brew beer. We can get the spent grain the same day that it is used, and the chickens seem to love it. What should I consider in making this a part of the diet of both my layers and my meat birds?
Many people feed just the spent grains along with free ranging with great results. It's kinda already fermented feed for your flock. The thing you have to consider is that they need more protein. If you are free ranging they will get it from the bugs they eat, if not then you will have to supplement.
The term S-P-E-N-T grains says much. All the carbohydrates have been removed by the beer making process. While it won't poison your chickens or anything like that pound for pound spent grain imo isn't a very good chicken food. Most of the food energy remaining is in the form of cellulose, and that is a poor chicken forage.

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