Spiders everywhere!


8 Years
Aug 12, 2011
Southern New Hampshire
So I know a lot of you have small coops, which I am very jealous of. I have a big ol' dusty spider infested barn instead.

It's filled with spiders, everywhere and all over everything. I really hate spiders and the fact that there are so many is affecting how much time I would like to spend in the barn.

Anyone have any home-made spider killers/repellents that are safe to use around chickens/goats/pigs/cows?

Chickens love love love spiders, so send them in there and let them do their thing and you should be doing just fine! If the spiders are up high in the ceiling corners or something, get a reeeaaally long stick or pole or something and knock them down with the chickens around. Problem solved.

Spiders are one of the very few things that make me want to do an icky-dance and run, so I sympathize with your feelings about them (even though, they're a necessity in the world), but the chickens take care of every one they find.
Haha, my chickens don't really have any interest in eating them! Their coop is filled with them everywhere. I'll try letting them run around though. I'd rather deal with some flies and other bugs then spiders!

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