Spilling the Tea (chat thread)


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Jul 24, 2016
Washington State
You can still have nastiness on your fruit and veggies, it's why they're recalled all the time.

Nothing is safe even on the perimeter of the grocery store. I shop mostly the perimeter as well.
sorry for the slow response....still trying to figure out where I am on this site right now. :lau I do wash all veggies with a veggie wash, not just water, and rarely buy romaine any more. My garden veggies come in dirty and with an occasional bug, so bugs are part of life. Point being, you can wash a fresh veggie but you cannot wash a canned veggie, or a can of soup. I think it's just fine for others to eat packaged foods. I try not to do it here. Except tomatoes. I never seem to can enough of those to last a year.
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