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    Ok. I have a month old doeling we are bottle feeding. We have two Pygmy billies all ready. She is in a large dog crate, in the laundry room. I tried moving her in her crate to the transition barn, and she seriously screamed herself hoarse. My Great Dane was a mess, pacing and barking until after three days, I brought her back into laundry room. I don't trust one of my Pygmy with her, he's just too alpha and rough but she needs to be getting used to not being with the family and the dog so much! Help!! Her little goaty voice is so pathetic
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    If the male goats are intact bucks then they can never be introduced until she is old enough and large enough to breed (and even then, just for breeding, not for constant living with). She will need another doeling or a wethered male to keep her company if that is the case.

    If they are wethers, yes they can live together, but the introduction must be done carefully. They've formed a herd already, so adding her will be like adding a third wheel to a bicycle. They will both be very rough. It is actually not a bad idea to separate the most submissive wether to introduce to her first. When they become companions, then the alpha wether can join them both again.

    Because she has been inside living with the family for so long, getting her used to life as a proper goat will be tough. She will cry herself hoarse again, and you might just have to let it happen. Give her plenty of love and affection, but keep her where she belongs. Try not to keep bouncing her back and forth, that will cause additional stress. The change is stressful enough already, but bringing her back in the house for a few days, then outside for a few days, etc. will compound it.
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    You should always raise goats in pairs, they need another goat to bond to, she will never bond with your boys, I would find another her age and put them together, and let her scream herself hoarse if she must, it won't harm her, not having a friend will.

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