Spoke at my city hall meeting about ordinances

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    maybe start a petition. make flyers such as Chicken Myth Busters. Make a portfolio of nice chicken coops & share w/ city council.
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    Quote: Unfortunately, it often can take that long or longer to change city ordinances. I'm involved with the Arlington Egg Project in Arlington VA- the AEP launched a year ago, and it looks like it will be another year before it is actually voted on by the County Board...


    Try to look at this time frame as a chance to really get organized, and drum up support in your area. You can continually update the City Manager, City Council and Planning staff so that they don't forget about you, and know that you are not going to go away. When they finally have the "necessary time to devote to the project", you'll be ready with a petition supporting the ordinance change, letters of support from community leaders, a suggested ordinance, etc.

    Good luck!
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    Feb 5, 2011
    >City Council will need to initiate the study for this municipal code change<

    Perhaps you can help get the ball rolling faster. Is there another city (in a somewhat close proximity to yours), that has changed their ordinance to allow chickens? If so, perhaps you could get a copy of the study THEY did and hand it directly to the City manager.
    Get a petition started, get signatures of others that would be in support of changing the ordinance.
    See if there is a 4H club in your area, and don't forget people at the County Extension office, local colleges, feed stores. Round up as many people as you can to help you.
    If you're really solid in your conviction, maybe you could pursue getting the item on your local election ballot.

    Best of luck!
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    Let me know if you need help, like signatures or if I could write a letter for you. I also live in Pittsburg, CA and it's such a shame that we can't have any chickens. Every city around us lets people have chickens.
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    That is a better response than what I got when I was living in Hudson, NC. They said NO FARM ANIMALS are allowed in the town limits. They would not even consider looking into changing the ordinance to allow a few hens.
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    I went to the Brentwood city counsel meeting and was SHOCKED that they didn't pass friendlier chicken laws. I think some of these cities in the far East Bay are trying to get away from some of the stigma they have and will do all they can to get away from "backwards and rustic" perception.

    It's a shame that they are like this. IMO, if any city allows people to have dogs in their backyards, they should allow people to have a handful of chickens in their backyards. A poorly managed dog in the back yard can cause just as many (if not more) problems as a poorly managed small flock of chickens.

    Try to find more peeps in the area that are also interested and keep pushing the city. Squeaky wheels, especially lots of them that vote and have valid arguments, often get grease in time.

    Keep at it and good luck!
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    Check this article out from Alabama!

    AL is also a southern state, and the comments and topics discussed within it demonstrate the truly baseless arguments for not having chickens that have been brought up!

    Chickens are NOT a nuisance!

    Chickens are safer to the community than many typical allowed household pets!

    In essence hens and even Roosters are less noisy than dogs or screeching cats or many yard or garden equipment!

    And more!

    The chicken underground or secretly in backyards across America and the World!

    I vote in favor of any and All who support responsible pet ownership, and surely it is most apparent chicken keepers should be part of that!

    :rolleyes: after all, haven't you already named them?!!
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    Australorp Ameraucana and a RIR

    month old now

    and finished coop with my uncle and about to put them out today with a heat lamp, it gets pretty windy where i live.

    YRofROOSTER Out Of The Brooder

    coop building

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    Awesome Coop!:)

    I love your birds!

    Good luck!

    It appears you can have chickens!


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