Spot cleaning eggs?

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10 Years
Apr 13, 2009
East Syracuse
Yep, just like the subject line says. I do not wash my eggs, I just wipe off with a slightly damp paper towel the poo or dirt that is on there, gently. Is this acceptable? I know about the bloom and all, but neighbors and friends would freak if I left the poo on the egg! Your thoughts? Please! Thanks.
That sounds fine to me. I think poo on an egg is just as bad as washing an egg, possibly worse.
Don't worry too much about it.
When you take eggs out of the fridge for a couple of minutes they will sweat. That's when I always rub them with a paper towel and they're clean!
Hmm...I always wash our eggs before selling...usually wait till I have around 8 - 10 dozen and then I gently wash them all before I bring them in for this bad????I wash them in water that is just a little warm...not even warm but warmer than the egg is out of the fridge.. I mean i'm not scrubbing them or anything but alot of ours still dont use the nesting boxes...I hope this isn't bad because I've been doing it that way for a year now! washing? I use a fine scotchbrite sponge and gently scrub each egg with lukewarm water, set them on a towel and let them air dry, sometimes overnight, before I put them in a carton and in the fridge. They've always looked and tasted great, but it is this the wrong way to do things??

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