Spring 2017 first timers post!

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by IdyllwildAcres, Dec 6, 2016.

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    Jan 8, 2017
    Wow! Welcome all! Lots of new peeps on the thread. Loving all the chick pictures, keep 'em coming to hold over those of us who are still waiting[​IMG]
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    Nov 30, 2016
    Well, we got them yesterday, 3 of them seem weak, but the rest are active. They ate and drank right away and everything was fine. This morning one of them was laying on its side outside of the Mama Heating pad set up. I watched her for a while and thought she was dead. I picked her up and layed her on the floor on her back and was planning on "disposing" of her when I left for work. My wife got up so I showed it to her and it moved its beak so she pit it in her bra. she text me a few hours later and tells me that it is up eating & drinking and running around with the others!
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    Feb 15, 2017
    Wilton, Maine
    Bras are magic when it comes to reviving weak critters.
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    Jul 30, 2015
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    It's true they are! Lol when we went to get a day old kitten that and been completely orphaned we found they had wrapped her in a towel but she had no heat source. (This was DH2B's father btw and he had no idea how to care for this baby) when we got there she was freezing cold and also mostly nonresponsive. Right in the kitchen I reached down my shirt and popped the tiny kitten in my bra. Lol I didn't even think about it. This was life or death for this kitten.

    You should have seen the look on his face though. Lol apparently he had no experience with the magical saving power of bras and boobies lol he then asked me what I was doing. I think he thought I was trying to get the thing to nurse(impossible since I'm not lactating) DH2B knew what I was doing and was completely unphased but was quite amused by his father's response. For a farmer I was surprised he was so shocked. It's not like I whipped them out just stuck my hand down my shirt.

    When his gf walked in he told her what I'd just done like I was an alien. And she said something like she understood why I had done it.

    I immediately explained that the kitten was much too cold and that it could kill it to be cold. Especially as it had just suffered trauma and may or may not have been injured when a mower killed it's mother and entire litter that was hidden in long grass and wasn't found despite him walking through it before mowing.

    His mouth made a perfect "O" and then he asked why I stuck it down my shirt. Instead of just holding it. I explained that one of the warmest places on the human(woman's) body was the chest and that by putting it in my bra it was surrounded by heat and would warm up much faster.

    We had to go get supplies to try and save the baby and told them to be sure to keep it warm. I suggested a heating pad but they couldn't find it so I suggested someone hold the baby against their neck. When we got back the kitten was in the same towel, in the same shoebox on top of the computer. I was not very happy but the kitten was okay in spite of it.

    Now as far as chicks they are extremely resilient and we had two chicks last spring that just hatched got out from under their broody Mom's (two separate hens) in March. They were both cold and stiff when found. We thought they were dead. This happened several days apart. The first chick was even still somewhat wet. As a shot in the dark DH2B ran in and placed the first in the incubator which was running with eggs to see if there was any hope.

    When I got out if the shower he told me what he had found and what he had tried but that he hadn't seen it breathing. I went to look in the incubator and while standing there saw the chick take a breath.

    If you have an experience like this give the chick a chance and try to warm it up before giving up. As I said we saved two chicks last year like that. I'm so very glad we were able to save them and they both found wonderful homes as pet chickens.
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    Feb 15, 2017
    Wilton, Maine
    You're right, it is one of the warmest parts of the body. It also provides direct warmth on 3 sides and the bra itself holds in heat wonderfully. Pretty much the perfect spot for any animal that can fit. Even my little dog knows it...I'm pretty much constantly trying to stop her from crawling into my shirt to cuddle the girls [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
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    Jul 3, 2016
    Hey! I've ordered 1 Australorp, 1 Buff Orpington, 1 EE, 1 EE Bantam, 1 Blue Cochin, and 1 Barred Rock! They're supposed to come in April on the 17th. So excited!! This is my first time and I'm still preparing, but I think they should be great!
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    Nov 5, 2016
    Boone, North Carolina
    Chicken math almost just took over :oops: I haven't even gotten my fist chicks yet, but I went into "chick haze" and went to tractor supply to pick up some chicks. Either luckily or unluckily, all they had today were Cornish X :rant
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    Jan 21, 2017
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    New 'chicken mama', as my spouse has dubbed me, to a brood of 13 bantams! After 4 years of waiting, it was finally the right time! I ended up with 6 Mille Fleurs and 7 BB old English. [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    1st is a week old today, 2nd is only 3 days older. Why is that one so small! :/

    Anyone here with good tips to get a runty baby to grow a little teensy bit more so the big birds stop running it over?
  9. csharpdev

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    Jun 23, 2016

    Baby chicks have arrived from McMurry.

    12x ARAUCANA
    1x Free Rare
    1x Free extra NH
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    Dec 30, 2016
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    csharpdev: You lucky chicken parent!!!

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