Spring chicks & hatching eggs in NH - Taking orders now !! LQQK !!

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    Well, It's getting close to that time of year again (sounded good) to begin hatching baby chicks for spring !! This is a great way to support you local farms and much safer than ordering chicks from a hatchery !!!

    Here's what we have coming *.... If interested let me know how many and when you would like them (I will do my best to fill orders on time) The sooner I know what you would like and how many the better !! PLEASE don't place an order if you don't plan on buying them, THANKS !!!

    All chicks will be sold straight run (I can try to guess the sex on the BR's but can't guarantee it) Silkies are VERY hard to sex in till they are older !!

    *Barred Rock chicks (Great egg laying chickens, winter hardy, can be dual purpose)

    *Pet quality silkie Chicks (colors that we should have: black, splash, buff - also some mixed colors)

    *Also.... This year I want to try to hatch a few (unless people would like more) EE/BR chicks (Easter egger X Barred Rock) - 50% of the babies will lay green/blue eggs the other 50% will lay brown, I can only imagine they would be sweet, docile and beautiful birds !!

    *Fertile hatching eggs of any breed mentioned above (can ship, but pick up is always better for the eggs)

    *Will have some young hens (laying for a few months) and also some older hens (about 1 1/2 years old, still laying) **Limited available**

    PRICES - (subject to change in till order is placed) **2 chick minimum on all breeds**

    Barred Rock chicks - 2-10 chicks $4.00 per chick - 10-20 chicks $3.50 per chick - 20+ chicks $3.00 per chick.

    Silkie chicks - $3.00-$5.00 per chick

    EE/BR - 2-10 chicks $3.00 per chick - 10-15 chicks $2.50 per chick

    Fertile hatching eggs - All eggs will be fresh, no older than 4 days old.
    **will always try to put in a couple extra if available** Prices do not include shipping !!

    6 BR eggs - $10
    12 BR eggs - $20

    6 Silkie eggs (assorted colors, some could be mixed colored) $15.00
    If available - 12 Silkie eggs - $25.00

    6 EE/BR eggs - $10

    When available: (Barred Rocks)

    Pullets (getting ready to lay) $15 per bird

    Young hens (laying 2-3 months) $10 per bird

    Older hens (still laying) $5.00 per bird

    Any questions or to place an order reply to this post or email me at [email protected]

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