Spur torn off, root too?

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    Apr 5, 2009
    (warning: 2 yucky pictures )

    My very first little chicken, my OEG Bantam lost a spur this morning, and I'm afraid he may have torn out the root. It finished falling off as we carried him to the kitchen.

    I treated him with Blue Kote antiseptic, ichthammol antiseptic cream and wrapped it with a bandaid and the sticky stretchy wrap to hold it all on.



    Do you think he lost the root here? Do you think it will grow back?

    We think he might have caught it on something, as he has a habit of going over fences. There's no evidence of fighting, and the rest of him looks fine.

    Should I put him in a little cage for a while to give it a rest, or will that stress him out? He's used to wandering the yard with his companions. I've never had this sort of thing happen, so am not sure what all to do.

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    Oh that looks painful! I've never had that happen to one of my chickens but I would say to separate him for a little while! Maybe where he can see everyone else? I would be afraid everyone would pick at the bandage and such....so sorry for your little fella [​IMG]
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    Nov 6, 2009
    The blood attracts the other to attack him, so let him heal a couple of days.

    He'll be fine. It's actually a clean tear. I don't think anyone who removes spurs actually bandage them, but I could be wrong.

    Just definately keep him separated a day or two from the others.

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