Squirrels are a huge problem.


Jun 22, 2020
Warwick, NY
The squirrels are seriously, a HUGE problem. My rooster even was attacked by one when he was protecting his flock... he was bleeding on his crown. So upset. But the will not stop breaking into the coop! They are mean and eat all of the chicken food. The chickens are scared. They hide inside the sleeping part until I chase the squirrels away! I can’t even yell or hiss at them anymore. It does nothing. There will be five at a time, swarming the run... like three inside. We are doing everything. Now some of them are getting stuck Inside the coop Bc we keep trying to squirrel proof it. So they get in, then forget how to get out... it is incessant. It’s a real huge problem, more than I can describe. I am throwing seeds in the front so they stay away from the back.. as soon as I turn my back and go inside- there they are again... really frustrating. Looking out from my window- I thought it was a groundhog- that is how big they are !!! 😂 need some really good advice. And mind you- they have two coops inside a large run, wrapped in chicken wire lol
need some really good advice. And mind you- they have two coops inside a large run, wrapped in chicken wire lol
Remove feed at night, train chickens to use a treadle feeder. or use a squirrel resistant feeder that closes when they stop on it. Rats still show up in my OPEN run for shrapnel left behind.. but there is never enough to invite droves in for a party.

Chicken wire is irrelevant.. half inch hardware cloth is more effective at keeping these smaller chewing pests out. Chicken wire is only to contain chickens.

Some squirrels will even eat chickens.. red ground squirrel, I think.

Trapping and dispatching.. or pellet rifle if legal at your location are good options. I don't use poison.. but some folks do.. squirrel are rodents with bushy tails.. and you NEED to close the buffet that attracted them in the first place..

A skirt around the run, or wire buried under the run. I put down wire and add enough stuff on top instead of digging down. It works very well. My feral barn cat.. hunts and eats squirrel.. but my birds are secure at night. The squirrels also avoid my dogs during the day time.

I am throwing seeds in the front so they stay away from the back.
Eliminate the feed source.. and they will leave. Squirrels hide food for later.. you're just helping fill their store house.. and they got one thing on their mind.. getting your feed.

Consider switching to timed feedings short term while you're working this out.. 2 or 3 times per day first and last thing.. as much as they can fill up in 20 minutes.. maybe while you stand there watching?? Then if squirrels are dumb enough to approach a giant.. forget hissing start acting like a whacked out tennis player and they're the balls.. give them a reason to avoid you..

But invest in the half inch hardware cloth.. it'll pay for itself ling term! :fl
Daisy 880 pellet gun. These multi pumpers sell for about 40 dollars. Use pellets not BB's. BB's ricochet off hard surfaces. Pellets are more lethal and collapse when hitting hard surfaces. Safer and more effective. Multi pumps take ten strokes for full power, 5 or 6 pumps is enough for close range squirrel dispatch. Over 30 feet away go all ten pumps for less drop of pellet at that range. At 10 pumps will send a pellet over 700 feet per second.

I'll spend a morning when nobody is home and kill six chipmunk or squirrel at a time. They breed like rats because they are rats with hairy tails. They'll get into your house and in general are a terrible nuisance above a threshold of two. If you see two there are more than five and soon population growth.

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