SSS...and then bury it deeper? Did anyone see this??

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    The boxer referred to in an earlier post by myself ganged up with 2 other dogs last summer. They killed the neighbor across the street's llama. The neighbor across the street got one out of 3. Too bad he didn't get the other two. [​IMG] [​IMG]: Angelique
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    Having lived in nyc 26 years and other major cities for an additional decade, im firmly in the shoot and shovel camp. I now live just inside a very small cities limits and am an outlaw chicken owner.That is a story unto itself. I am primarily concerned with the welfare of my family and pets, any danger should be removed, be it a raccoon, loose pit bull, or larger more dangerous predator.

    As for the "its the stupid owners fault" argument, yeah it is. The law does not allow me to shoot people just for being foolish or even negligent. I ride a motorcycle, I see inattentive, neglegent drivers all the time. That doesn't give me the right to do anything more than chew them out at the next light.

    The law does allow the use of force to deal with dangerous animals.
    Dealing with the animal seems to be the lesser of the two evils.

    My idiot brother had a cocker spaniel years ago, had its throat torn open by a pit bull that jumped the fence, the owner apoligized and paid the vet bill but the dog was never right after that. It started randomly biting family members. It had to be put down because after years of nipping it bit my sister in law in the face one Christmas eve. The real damages can never be repaid in dollars.

    Now you understand where I'm coming from.

    For all those who are concerned about hitting people or homes downrange of the attacking animal, use a semi auto shotgun.
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    I have 2 female American bulldogs , I also have chickens , ducks, and goats. If any of them God forbid ever went to kill my other animals, and I love my dogs dearly they would have to go down. I crate and rotate , they are on a leash at all times when they are out side of my home. I have no room for mistakes. I take all precautions that I possibly can.

    You never know what is going on when a dog is running around like that. To break through a fence like that something else could have been going on with that dog , next time it might not be a chicken, but a childs may not be a german shorthaired dog next time but something more aggressive.

    If one of my girls got out I would expect the owner of that land to do the same thing. I would be heart broken and very sad.
    We take chances we accept the consequence first offense or not. It should never be allowed to happen.

    Just my thoughts.
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    I have been reading this thread since it started and I just have to say, I am very fortunate. I've only had one incident with a neighbor's dog. The neighbor has had multiple dogs and cats in the time we've known him and they all run loose. Most have been hit by cars and, until recently, most were replaced almost immediately. A few months ago his "favorite" dog chased our chickens into the thicket behind our house. Thankfully the dog only got a mouthful of butt feathers. The neighbor's children were outside playing when it happened and when we told them why we were tromping through the brush they ran right home to tell their dad. He came out an appologized and said he would take care of the dog. The very next day he built a fence to keep his dog in his own yard.
    I'm ashamed to say that I always talked trash about this guy and considered myself better than him because of the way he collected animals, let them roam the streets, let them breed freely and never had them to the vet. Since our chicken incident he has weeded down his collection to two dogs and one cat. All are now fixed (hooray, no more kittens!) and up to date on their vaccinations. We have come to know this neighbor and now count him among our friends.

    I am doubly fortunate things turned out the way they did because I've researched the laws here and there are NONE to protect our chickens. We do not have the right to shoot a dog even if they are attacking our chickens. If they were attacking a human or another dog we could call the law and they would be euthanized, but not for attacking chickens.

    If I have to, I will SSS. Especially the Shut-up part.
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    there has been a dog running around lately where i live, and i am a little wary of it because it seems sneaky, but i have never actually seen it go after my chickens. the one chicken i did lose im pretty sure was a hawk or owl because there is no blood, feathers, etc.if i actually saw it attack my chickens then i would have to shoot it. i have a pet dog so i know how it would be, but my chickens are also my pets
  6. Ive never killed a dog with my own two hands, but I have disposed of every dog that come in my yard with murderous intent. The pound is on speed dial and I have a leash and tie just for any dog that makes the mistake of crossing over into my property after my chickens.
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    I have a dog and there are two other dogs around here. If a strange dog comes around here I will never see it. No other dogs around here. I take it back I have had a god around here. I think I took him back twice and they gave me there number and I think I called them 4 more times. Sweet dog he just didn't want to stay with his sheep.
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    You wanna know how he "knew"...He saw the dog's blood splattered on the pavement where Belate (who is known in this area as a drunk) shot him. Dogs never killed any of his chickens either. I talked to a neighbor of his, Belate gets drunk and shoots at anything/everything from his front porch, including that neighbor's daughter from afar. So I figured I'd let you all know.

    Saw another post about how we do not know the owner, the dog, etc. Well let me tell you all right now, that dog was terrified of guns, gunshots, etc. and the owner and his family are well respected in wilson county.

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