SSS...and then bury it deeper? Did anyone see this??

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    May 5, 2010
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    I love dogs, I have nine.

    That being said, I also (now) have chickens and geese.

    Previous to the chickens and geese I only had dogs, that are penned to keep THEM safe from moose and bears. Lots of people up here tie their sled dogs, but to me that's an invitation... anyways, I digress....

    There's one local yahoo that thinks his dog gets to run around free when he's down here in this area patronizing the (three) local businesses here. Previous to my getting chickens he had been warned twice about Remi (the dog) running loose on my property. This last time Remi was with someone else and I asked the woman if that was the (No names) other person's dog and she said yes. I said, you tell him that now there are fox and coyote traps set around my chicken and goose pens and that I am not responsible for Remi getting into them.

    Today, Remi is in a pen. I guess I finally got my point across.

    It's a shame too, Remi is a very nice, sweet Alaskan Husky that only wants an owner that cares about him. If I find him on my property again, he will be taken to the pound.
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    Jan 27, 2010
    Quote:Agree 100%. I fence my chickens in because of irresponsible dog owners. If I let them free-range and a dog kills even one, that's MY fault.

    Notwithstanding, I still have ZERO tolerance for any livestock-killing animal.

    SSS -- and the second "S" should be "Shovel DEEP."
  3. MoSo

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    Quote:according to the article they were BEHIND an electric fence that the dog got into... after leaving his own yard..........

    Not so, read again. The dog broke out of HIS owner's electric fence.

    "According to the incident report filed with the Wilson County Sheriff's Department, Rocky broke through his electric fence and made his way to Belate's property on Tyree Access Road, off Highway 109 North."

    Not intending to fuel the fire, but I don't get the concept that the dogs should be locked up but not the chickens? I have dogs and chickens - and I have worked very hard to keep at least 2 fences between them, and a really sturdy one to keep the dogs in my yard.

    Fault on both sides by my read.

    Can't tell if this is the case from the article, but this is why I don't like those "invisible fences" - a dog can be motivated by a number of things to go right through a fence. Yes, it'll hurt, and you can be darned sure the dog, once it's chased whatever motivated it to go through the fence, won't go BACK through the fence into the yard. (Also, it doesn't protect the dog from anything coming into the yard, like another dog.)

    I'm not going to shoot what is clearly someone else's pet. Not the first time anyway, and not with anything stronger than a very light target load. Repeat offenders? Different story.
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  4. ranchhand

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    Aug 25, 2008
    Quote:You're getting pretty ridiculous with all that..... I have a feeling this thread is getting locked soon. lol

    I love my dog too, so I keep her home. Simple.
    I love my chickens, but one got out and it got killed for it. I had to let that one go.
    What happens to my animals outside of my property is out of my control. When your animals leave your turf, they have to play by the rules being enforced by another property owner -- WHETHER OR NOT YOU AGREE.

    Edited comments removed

    Anything to actually contribute to the discussion, or just random flaming and trolling?
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    Dogs that kill chickens also attack children outside playing. Dogs are to dangerous to be at large period.

    I put down one of my loved pets 5 years ago because he would not stay in the yard. Nothing worked and it broke our hearts, but I could not stand the thought of our pet attacking a child, and dog attacks on children are common.
  6. Beekissed

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    I love my invisible fence for my two dogs...mine is wireless and does not shock the dog as he is coming back in the boundary. BUT...I also have a perimeter fence for added insurance. One can't be too careful in farm country with your dogs or other animals.

    I had a case where the neighbor's dog came and dug under the door of my rabbitry, climbed up on a feed can and destroyed my rabbit cages that were suspended from the ceiling....found two of my best rabbits in the yard and dead. I warned the neighbor and asked him to keep the dog at home, asked for the price of the rabbits and cages~never received it. Strike one.

    The dog kept coming back and harassing my dog. Followed me in the garden and snapped off each of my pepper plants and just stood there and glared at me. I called the neighbor and he said, just hit him with a rolled up newspaper and he won't be back. [​IMG] The dog ran away as I advanced on him. Kept returning to try and enter my rabbit barn and destroy my garden, harass my dog. Strike two.

    The dog chewed a hole in my garage door to reach my dog. I bought a collar and tie out, caught the dog, tied it to my bumper and drove it slowly through the neighborhood to the neighbor's house and tied him to the clothes line. Neighbor let him go when he came home from work and he showed up back in my yard. Strike THREE!

    I called the police and they said I had the right to kill the dog but that they were unable to do so.

    The dog was driven out in the country to my mother's home and given the long walk of no return.

    Sometimes, giving a dog another chance and even a few more chances mean nothing to certain neighbors. Sometimes the dog just has to disappear. Now? My two dogs would tear a stray dog to shreds and I'd probably let them.....and then call the neighbor to come and collect the pieces.
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    Apr 21, 2010
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    Quote:Edited comments removed

    Anything to actualy contribute to the discussion, or just random flaming and trolling?


    Hone up on your reading comprehension skills!

    With all the references to dogs and chickens having the same perceived value to many of the posters here, I was utilizing the ancient art of satire to make a point.

    The point is, dogs and chickens and quite obviously NOT all people are equal.
  8. Chicky Tocks

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    Although I'd be at the ready with my own shotgun, I don't see anywhere in this article that the dog killed any chickens. Also, it didn't break into an electric fence, it broke out of one if I read correctly. I have a neighbor two doors down with a border collie that occasionally runs across my yard. It makes me very, very nervous. It's never made a move toward my birds, even while free ranging, but I'd put it down if it did, because the people that keep that dog don't keep it penned.

    Basically, what I'm saying is that I wouldn't shoot a dog only because it made an appearance on my land. Even if it took a run at a chicken...but let it kill a chicken and that'd do it. I don't think this guy had a dead bird to show for it.
  9. Lorije1

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    Mar 13, 2010
    Quote:Predators / omnivores / carnivores are going to hunt/ stalk / kill prey. Yeah, I'd give him another chance regardless if it was my favorite bird --- 2 wrongs still don't add up to right. The only exception to the rule is if it bites or acts like it wants to bite a child.

    You shoot my dog for 1 violation and it will be the Hatfields and McCoys.
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    Quote:That's terrible that the owner was so irresponsible and caused you so much trouble. If it were my dog, you would have been compensated for the rabbits and my dog wouldn't have gotten out again.
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