SSS...and then bury it deeper? Did anyone see this??

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    Quote:HAHAHAHA ... sorry, this is a serious thread I know, but really? My Lab killed 5 chickens that belonged to my neighbor but he has yet to maul a child, and that has been over a year ago.
    Rather than being a horses' behind and shooting my predator / hunting dog, my neighbor fixed his fence so his chickens would stop coming into my yard.

    When I was a kid we had an old hound / GSD mix that jumped the fence and killed some pet rabbits - again, he wasn't shot, but the rabbit owner was compensated. Know what? we still get along 20 some odd years later. If he had shot my dog I would just keep driving when I saw his pets by the road, but today I stopped and scooped up his yappy little boston terrier before it became road mush. Even though my old dog roamed free for 15 years, he never attacked a person or another animal after the rabbits (he had tags and was friendly, easy to catch- which is how the rabbit guy caught him - , so I feel pretty sure someone would have called!).

    Dogs that kill chickens attack children [​IMG]

    ETA - I am by no means advocating letting dogs roam at large. I am just saying killing a flapping bird is not = to attacking a child.
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    I was waiting for someone else to say that....
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    Quote:me too
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    You know, there is no one all encompassing answer for this problem. SSS works, no doubt if you can stand to do it. Easier if your neighbor is a jerk. Not so easy if you want to keep a relationship with your neighbors.

    For me, it comes down to treating people like I would expect to be treated. My dog is well trained and NEVER is allowed to run loose. Just this weekend, I had a houseguest that didn't close my front door properly and I returned home 30 minutes later to my front door wide open and all my pets still inside (thank you Lord). If they had gotten out and 'bothered' anyone, I sure would have appreciated them telling me ONCE so that I could make sure that they weren't 'bothered' by my animal again. If my animals did get out again after I was warned, I would expect someone to SSS. I know that everybody's got to do what they have to do, but I'd feel the need to give one warning. No judging here- just how I would have to do it to feel like I did the right thing.
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    I have had many a stray around here, I catch them, kennel them, and take them to animal control.
    If they have bothered my animals. I file a complaint, if the dogs picked up they get a ticket and a warning. Next time I take there dog in it will be labeled a dangerous dog. Most that let there dogs repeatedly run lose wont care enough to pay to get it out again.
    My dogs keep me posted on strays i get to them pretty fast, and im lucky to have multi layers of fencing around the property.
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    I find it interesting that Tyler knew to look for the dog "across from Belate's home". Perhaps that's not the first time the dog had been on the property. There's more to this story than meets the eye. Like, for instance, why would Belate go to all the trouble of putting up electric fencing around the chickens if they hadn't previously been in harm's way.
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    Quote:I think the dog was the one that was fenced in with electric.
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    That is the best part about living in town here where i do, people who do not keep their dogs up either the interstate or the highway gets rid of them. They do not harass anyone when this happens they can sue no one it is their own fault. I know of several folks who do the shut up part better then this guy did we have deep rivers and lots of crabs here they dispose of evidence quickly. Happens all the time here it just don,t make the papers.
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    In the few short years I have been keeping chickens, I have had this happen to me several times. Once while I was picking up PIECES of my pets, the dog's owner told me I had no right to shoot his pet, that my chickens were not worth as much as his pure bred black lab. This was after I had tried to run it off and shot in the air to make it go away.

    On another occasion, I had a dog kill 16 of my young birds. Again the owner, different one, told me I had no right to kill his dog. It was still in the pen covered in blood and feathers when it was shot.

    I don't believe in second chances for dogs. I don't own one, so shouldn't be any in my yard, period. Just because I live in the country doesn't mean dogs get to run loose. There are leash laws even here.
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    Just once I'd like to see a post about a chicken being found in a dog's pen, covered in fur and blood, a dead dog at its feet...... [​IMG]

    [​IMG] Sorry...couldn't get the pic of that out of my mind.

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