SSS...and then bury it deeper? Did anyone see this??

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    Quote:Yes, but that's absolutely different. If your dog killed my chickens in YOUR yard, that's on me. If your dog killed my chickens in MY yard your dog would be dead.
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    Mar 21, 2009
    Quote:LOL [​IMG]
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    Aug 12, 2009
    Slashing tires,hitting neighbors...looks like a feud has begun that will end only when one neighbor moves. He would have been wiser to not admit to killing the dog-if possible. Maybe someone saw/heard him do it.

    I like to give one chance too,but I am OK with neighbors that never do.That is their right. As for whose stuff is worth more well I think what each of us owns is far more special to us than to neighbors-regardless of cost.
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    Jun 14, 2009
    I'm afraid that I have a battle coming sometime in the near future.

    Nieghbor down the road, austrailian shepard grump, she runs 100% unrestrained. Stays with pups.

    She has now taken to patroling through my yard-- with pups in tow.

    I made the effort, went talked to the guy that owns her. Basicly got a gee I'm sorry Mr Twentynine, I 'll keep an eye on her. She beat me back to my own yard.

    My chickens never free range and are under protection of fencing and electric fence.

    I can still see some grief coming.
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    Jul 10, 2009
    Quote:This is what killed me. So his dog's life has more value than Belate's chickens' lives?? My chickens are my pets too and you can best believe I would SSS the first dog that broke into my yard and attacked/killed them.

    Yes, when a neighbor’s dogpack wiped out 90% of my chickens one year and I had to shoot one of his dogs that was standing over the dead chickens growling at me defending "his kill", the neighbor called the sheriff and came over ranting and raving about shooting his precious pet over some "5 dollar chickens". The sheriff took one look at the pictures I had of all the dead chickens/feathers etc. (I had since buried them) and asked me only one question: “Did you shoot the dog on your property?" He then turned to the neighbor and told him he was responsible for the chickens and I could press charges if I wanted too. You could visibility see the wind knocked out of the neighbors rage at that. (that neighbor has since moved---his city slicker ways and stupidity eventfully caught up with him, he went bust)
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    Quote:HAHAHAHA ... sorry, this is a serious thread I know, but really? My Lab killed 5 chickens that belonged to my neighbor but he has yet to maul a child, and that has been over a year ago.
    Rather than being a horses' behind and shooting my predator / hunting dog, my neighbor fixed his fence so his chickens would stop coming into my yard.

    When I was a kid we had an old hound / GSD mix that jumped the fence and killed some pet rabbits - again, he wasn't shot, but the rabbit owner was compensated. Know what? we still get along 20 some odd years later. If he had shot my dog I would just keep driving when I saw his pets by the road, but today I stopped and scooped up his yappy little boston terrier before it became road mush. Even though my old dog roamed free for 15 years, he never attacked a person or another animal after the rabbits (he had tags and was friendly, easy to catch- which is how the rabbit guy caught him - , so I feel pretty sure someone would have called!).

    Dogs that kill chickens attack children [​IMG]

    ETA - I am by no means advocating letting dogs roam at large. I am just saying killing a flapping bird is not = to attacking a child.

    Some dogs that kill birds attack people. not all. But most dog attack on people are from dogs running loose. If a person wants to keep a dog, control it. dead dogs don't attack people or birds.
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    Jan 29, 2010
    My pet dog avoids the ducks and chickens "so far" but she drags dead rabbits home every once in a while. She barks at strangers and chases my kids. She will kill but she is selective about what. I have told the children as soon as she kills a chicken she is gone.I free range the chickens at least once a day and the dog is usually running when I do.You can see her shy away from the goose that has adopted my ducklings. My point is that once a dog gets a taste for killing something it will always kill that thing be it chicken rabbit or whatever, But dogs can decide what to kill based on expierience.
    I will surely kill my own dog if she destroys my flock just as if she was a neighbors.Rest asured that if she attacks a child she will die an ugly death. Dogs are stock ,all pets are stock, not humans.Once their usefulness is gone they need to go also.
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  8. deerman

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    Quote:Yep, I had dogs kill peafowl, also two pet deer ,all from outside the pen...So even if you pen them , they still are not safe from roaming dogs.
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    From the news report it looks to me like the chickens were free ranging so the dog didn't break into their pen to get at them.

    I'm not trying to minimize what happened, but the dog was being a dog. I have 4 dogs myself and they're pretty well trained but I know if one of my chicks got loose and I couldn't reach it before they did it would get killed.

    Dogs (especially in the country) get loose sometimes and with a prey animal like chickens you need to expect the unexpected. (Expect the worst and hope for the best and you won't be disappointed)[​IMG]

    How is this any different than a hawk swooping down and getting one of them ?
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    Nov 12, 2009
    I'm not trying to make you mad but shouldn't the dog be tied up so it can't kill the chickens? No fence is going to keep a dog out if he wants a meal.

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