Started Buff Wyandotte Chicks


9 Years
Jan 27, 2010
Calaveras County
This auction is for some started Buff Wyandotte chicks. Price is per chick. I have approximately 15 females and 5 males available. These chicks are 2 weeks old now, and can be rehomed now with local pick-up/delivery or held until they are 4-6 weeks before shipping. I will not ship any groups of less than 4 chicks, but you can combine the breeds (if you are interested in chicks from another auction). I am pretty confident in their sexes now, and will be more so as they age.

The majority of my 'dottes are from Jesse Paul of Paul's Poultry. The parents are very nice quality.

Shipping fee includes provisions, heat source, box and Priority shipping. Delivery fee will depend on where you are or wish to meet. I am located East of Angels Camp, so lets keep the pick/up delivery area to Sacramento, Turlock and Pleasanton. If you are in Southern California, I plan to attend the Seaside Feather Fanciers show in Ventura.

Payment in cash by Paypal at close of auction, unless prior arrangements are made.

Thanks for looking, and happy bidding.
My appologies for confusing people. This should be a buy it now auction, with the price of $15 per chick. If you post how many and of what sex you would like, then I can keep track of how many are left, and send you payment instructions. Thanks!

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