Step-to-Step Guide on How To Upload Pictures onto the BYC Forum:

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Mar 29, 2011
How To Post a Picture onto the Forum:

Click the little icon at the top of the post a reply box:

This window will pop up. Click "browse":

Click the image you wish to upload and then click "open":

Now click "submit":


Tada! Now your image should show up in your message:

How easy is that?!

Check out this article on different ways to upload photos:
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Great idea.
. A lot of people were still confused about how post pictures now.
You can also copy / paste if your pics are say in your FB album.

Just go there and right click the pic and choose "Copy Image"

Come back here to the Reply editor and hit the Ctrl and V keys on your keyboard (at the same time)

And your pic is here!

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How do we get pics from our old uploads? I can't find them.

Check out this article on different ways to upload photos:

How to Post Already Uploaded Pictures onto the Forum:

Click "My Profile" at the top of this page:

Now, scroll (almost) all of the way down until you find your albums. Click "Uploads":

Next, click the image you wish to include in your post:

Copy your photo. (Right click your photo and left click "copy" on the drop down menu):

Paste your photo into the reply box, (Right click anywhere on the reply box and left click "paste" on the drop down menu):

Click "allow access":

Your image will now load into your post:

I am so happy....I posted an auction ad with an embedded picture... I'm going to have to reduce size of photos for the limit on space. but I feel Like I landed on the moon

I did however forget to list photos below so no photo at the listing
but will do it with another ad. So thanks for the helpful tutorial! and the encouragement .....

You have been most patient with all my pleas for help.... Sorry if I've been a little on the sad side in all this transition but I promise that I tested and explored and now have posted and will gladly help others who need help....Now, I'm not going to post any more ads tonight because I'm afraid this computer is going to overheat...LOL, I did it with only 5 windows open.....and all my helpers here all of you Have a blessed evening.

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