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The three ducklings that finally hatched last night still have one very tiny peice connecting their "umbilical cord" to the egg...I planned on leaving them in there to dry out but it is starting the smell really terribly and I'm concerned about bacteria. Should I go ahead and finish detaching them? Although they aren't up and running yet (who could expect them to be after such a terribly eventful hatch) they are very vocal and kicking around so I'm not concerned about them too too much (although if you think I should be please let me know)...the bulges on their belly buttons are going down slowly but consistently.
Remove all water from the incubator (assuming there are no eggs left to hatch). This will help with the cord drying up. I would not cut it, because this will open up a passage for bacteria getting into their bodies. In 12 hours I would take them out and put them into the brooder, even if they still have some attached to them.
Thank you
one of them has wiggled free on his own and has started running around (as best as his little legs let him anyway) and I'm about to move him into the brooder so he won't trample the others
Yay! Second one has wiggled free! They are both in the brooder now so Mr Freckles (named for the gray spots on his black beak) gets some rest
I had the same problem with my two weakest ones (both died unfortunately). It does smell horrible. I worried about bacteria, so I changed the shelf liner and took out the wet paper towels.

Great to hear that 2 of them are now free!
Well I just put the last little duckling into the brooder with his siblings..he also wiggled himself free from the egg and when I went to check on him he was standing up and pecking on the side of the incubator as if to say "Hey! Where did everybody go?!" cute.

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