still confused Whitewash revisted... safety of Hydrated Lime

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    Please, not to sound snippy, but can we keep discussion to actual personal experience and not "what Judy heard at the park the other day while chatting with Freddy". I am already confused on the posts so far (did a search) and would like to hear actual experiences with whitewash. I won't be using it powdered in the coop - just whitewash.

    Ok, I am wanting to whitewash the interior of my brooder coop.

    I did a search on here, and found lots of opinions on the subject, I did a search on internet and also found a lot of opinions on the subject.

    Now, perhaps I am wrong (tried to find the answers, but might have missed them there) but I believe that once Hydrated Lime is mixed with water and used as Whitewash and it dries totally it is not caustic. (wet whitewash is of course, still caustic).

    Now, I am likening this to making soap - Lye has a chemical reaction in water, and it gets hot - Once the soap is cured, it is not caustic any longer. Even when it gets wet again, because the lye has changed chemically. Powdered lye is caustic, wet lye is caustic until it is finished reacting.

    Am I wrong in thinking it the same with the Hydrated Lime in Whitewash?

    Please, if you have found articles on this, list website links, and if you have experience personally, please share them.

    and... is it safe to whitewash the floors, also?

    thanks -
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    so... am I to understand that no one has ever used whitewash and cannot give advice on this?

    Ok, no probs, I'll just ask at the feedstore. I just figured with all of the advice going on about lime and whitewash that someone had actual experience with it.

    thanks [​IMG]

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    Good question! I dont know the answer though, sorry. I'd like to know the answer also.. [​IMG]
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    Quote:When I do find out, I'll post it here [​IMG]
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    I don't have the answer, but I do have a freind who is a chemical engineer and he WILL know, I'll ask him tonight when I see him.
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    Quote:coolness - many thanks [​IMG]


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