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They are not dogs................please stop raising them like they are.

This is disturbing. I have read post after post here and other locations online about people giving their pet ducks and or geese bubble baths, or a bath in the tub with soap.


I dont know who started this train of thought with people but just cut it out.

Waterfowl have oils they spread over their feathers to keep them in good condition. ALL they need is clean water to "bath" and allowed to preen and spread the oils again over their feathers.

Yes they may have a slight order to them, NO this doesnt mean you should soap them up and give them daily/weekly/monthly soapy bathes.

CLEAN FRESH WATER and let them do what is natural to stay clean and their feathers in good health.


this is not geared towards show people who clean their birds before a show. This is geared towards pet owners who think daily/weekly/monthly soapy bathes are needed.
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Mercy, I did not realize that this was catching on. I find that just fresh water makes a fine bath for the ducks, and they smell pretty darn good when they are cleaned up - which is most of the time for mine.

There is a steep learning curve with ducks, I remember it well. So much that we know doesn't translate when it comes to raising waterfowl.
I agree Amiga. After so many doing it recently and/or asking if they can I figured a post was in order. A new goose owner ssid the goose smelled and needed soap because they were keeping the goose in the house.
Not to overload with TMI, but I do actually sniff my ducks from time to time. I have seen that certain health problems come with an aroma. So, I sniff'em when I can get that close.
... anyway, mine smell just a little bit like meringue, kind of fresh eggy. I wanted to share that, because as I wrote before, a clean duck (fresh swim water regularly) does not smell offensive. And even the cleanest duck can let loose a real eye-burner poo sometimes.
But that's not the duck, and no amount of soap or shampoo will change that. If something seems whiffy in the pen, I look around and remove it. It happens more with the broodies.

Once, Zwei's breath smelled of garlic, and I realized she had found a stray volunteer garlic (just a tiny sprout). No harm done.
I am new to ducks and fresh water usually does the trick but I have a disabled duck who swims alright but can't stand or walk. This also means no oil spreading or water proofing. He preens his belly a lot because he can reach that. Any suggestions for keeping him clean outside this?

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