Strange chick behavior - Should I be concerned?


6 Years
Apr 2, 2013
West Tennessee
One of my chicks keeps kicking her leg back, extending as far back as it will go, then pulling it back in and going about her business. One time she even did it while sitting, and lay there for about 3 seconds, with her leg stretched out behind her.

Is this a sign of distress? Or is she just stretching? As far as I can tell, it's always the same leg.

Please reply, even if only to say, "Yup, that's strange all right."
You say she "keeps doing it" - how frequently is she doing this? The frequency would have a lot to do with my response. That is a normal stretching move, often accompanied by extension of the wing on the same side, but if it's a constant thing it would be more out of the norm.
I guess I misspoke. She isn't doing it over and over again, constantly, but nearly every time I go check on them, if I stand there for more than a few minutes, she'll do that move. And the wing movement, too, I forgot to mention that.

So, not really constantly, I'm just a nervous Nellie because this is my first flock.
mine all do this each time they stand up from a nap. If they are stationary and when I come in I disturb them the will almost all do this to a varying degree of frequency.
Oh, good! I feel much better now. You can read and read and read, but when you actually have them right in front of you, suddenly you have questions that weren't covered in any of the books! Thank heavens for BYC forums!
Nothing strange about that but now we know you are
paying attention to your chicks
The chicks I have always do that, don't worry they are just stretching.
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