Strange egg and sickly hen


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Sep 12, 2007
Collinsville, MS
A few weeks ago one of my bantams layed a strange egg, since then she has been eating fine but just looks sickly and hasn't layed either. I posted about this at the time and someone kindly sent me a post with a picture of it but it has no explaination as to what it is.
this was the link I was sent, the egg that looks the same is the one that is described as " strange egg with sack around it"
I was wondering if someone out there might have some answers?

At the time this happened I checked her really well and she was pasted up quite badly, that seems to have cleared now. She also had mites really badly, I have dusted her a few times and they have gone also. She does still have lots of what look like tiny white eggs clumped together at the base of her feathers. They are especially bad around her underside, and where the pasted up poop was. She is really clean now but still has these white clumps on her feathers.
Has anyone seen this before or have any ideas about what to do about it?
Thank you so much for your help.
* Are these 'white clumps' tiny like lice eggs, or larger & chalky like dried poo?? Are they all over the hen, or on her backside only? Did you dust your whole flock for lice or just the one hen?? Did you repeat the dusting a second time 7-14 days later? Has the flock been wormed & if so when? Can you post pics of the white clumps?
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it doesn't look like dried poo, they look like tiny shiney white eggs. I have dusted her three times now in the last 10 days I guess it has been.
I have dusted them all and haven't seen any actual live mites on any of them.
I have never wormed the girls, didn't know we had to do that. Any advice on worming lol?
Thank you. Jenny
HI! You can do a search for "worming your chickens". I remember reading something a while back about the subject. Lucky for me, I don't have a great memory
, so I don't remember what people were recommending. HA!
Ivermec of some sort.
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