Strange Eggs


9 Years
Aug 15, 2010
I have 14 chickens, RIR, Domenicas, Buff Orps, Americauna, Brahma, Australorp, One of my chickens and I do not know which one, is constantly laying an egg that is large, rough, and looks deformed on one end like she is squeezing it off before it comes out (LOL), the weird thing is this egg will not cook properly when boiling, the white is jelly like after it should be done. Any ideas as to who and why.
I don't think that is the problem since the link deals with stale eggs unless it is going stale inside the bird. I have this happen on occasion too, even with young birds and think it has something to do with their internal plumbing. Apparently the egg passes down the oviduct and gets covered with shell too rapidly to be completely "finished". Fortunately the younger birds seem to straighten themselves out. I generally scramble this kind of deformed egg.
Thanks guys, these are fine for scrambling, they just do not make a very good devilled egg.

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