Strange lump/pouch on my roo's neck. Neck Hernia?


Sep 1, 2012
My rooster has a strange skin pouch dangling from his neck, and it's not his crop. It's high up, around the middle of his neck, and it's almost like a soft pouch make of skin, about the size of a quarter and dangles off from the side of his neck. The shape kind of looks like a somewhat deflated internal-type hemorrhoid. It's pretty soft, thought there seems to be something firmer and lumpy inside.

I can try to take pictures in the morning, but for the time being what should I think? Should I be concerned? Somehow, it doesn't seem to be bothering him.

My roo is a secret city-roo that wears a rooster collar to keep his crow quiet, and he's worn it for years with no issue (worn it ever since he started crowing, and he turns 4 next month). He still tries hard to crow in the morning, but it's not loud because the collar restricts him from expelling all the air in his lungs at once. Occasionally, when he tries too hard, rather than a crow, it more like a hiss. Since the growth was found at the lower edge of his collar, I'm worried that it might be related. Like, maybe he tried too hard one day and blew a gasket, and this is some strange neck hernia!

I can't take him to a vet, so what can I do? Tie it off like a skin tag? Open it up to see what the lumpy thing is? I'm really hesitant to remove it without know what it is in case there's something really important in there!

Any advise would be great!

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