Strange Rooster taking up residence in my yard


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I have for the last three days heard a new and different rooster crow in my front yard. I go out to investigate and there is what seems to be nice looking game rooster, maybe Cubalaya, flapping his wings and crowing in front of some hens that I have in a small pin for quarantine. Just showed up and I don't know where it came from. He seems very healthy and a nice looking fellow. Do to deseases, I really did not want him being close to my flock of 13 in the back yard. I have never owned a game bird before and am not sure what his breed is. He has a single come that is laying over and yellow legs. any ideas of his breed?



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American gamefowl, they're found running by themselves pretty often. Sometimes they can tend to venture from their homes, or they may have flown out of someone's truck (it's happened before, i had a mysterious hatch hen show up on my yard not too long ago. I believe she was probably laying in someones truck or in a box and possibly flew out. But it'll always be a mystery). Looks like he has a pea comb, since you've never owned them maybe check out some information on them. There is a page written by CUDA and myself, along with some photos in the BYC breed section at the top of the page. Plenty of good information online as well, but be careful what you believe! Some information (a lot really) regarding gamefowl is "hogwash". I'd suggest only taking information from true breeders.


ETA: Nice looking bird by the way! I love greys
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He has a single comb that is laying over and yellow legs. I will check with the folks next door hopefully he belongs to them.
Thanks everyone for your replies. The photo makes the white on him lighter than what it really is, it's more of a cream color on his neck and saddle. I do love the colors. If he keeps hanging around I might have to adopt him.

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