Strange, very interesting comb. What do you think?


9 Years
Jun 7, 2010
Portland, OR
I have a 3 week old Polish crested/ Brown Leghorn cross chick. I'm pretty sure its a cockerel, but interest is in is comb. It starts off as a single and then transitions into a very pink, DOUBLE comb. One right next to the other. I have not seen or heard of a comb like this. The other chick I hatched has a black comb that looks like it might be starting to double, bit not nearly as pronounced.

Any comments?
That is typical when crossing a single comb breed with a duplex comb breed. You can get all kinds of combs from the cross. The duplex comb is incompletely dominant over the single comb so you get a wierd looking comb. I have produced numerous heterozygotes and none of the combs look alike. They have different shapes.


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