Stray chicken in need of ID

Dec 3, 2020
Hello all!
I have had chickens for 3 years now so not an amateur but by no means a professional. I was called by a family member this morning about a loose chicken in the parking lot of their work. I came and got it and brought it home. It doesn't seem to be physically injured but the tail feathers are frayed, the rest of the coat looks good, just a little dirty. It is currently being kept in our quiet basement in a large tote, has been eating and drinking well, and is under a heat lamp to warm up since its been snowing and cold here lately. It is calm, friendly, and quiet. I am not quite sure about the sex or breed of it and was wondering if I can get some ideas of what it could be. We currently have 40 layers in our barn and do not want to keep a cockerel if it is one. Let me know what your verdicts are! I have attached pictures for IDing. Thanks!

Update - thank you all so much for your inputs, it's been very helpful! My friend also says it might be an Opal Legbar as well. I'll do a little more research into the mentioned breeds to get the proper ID! Thanks so much again everyone!!


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