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Jul 27, 2010
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Anyone out there know of a natural or herbal medicine to help a stressed out cat. Since Thanksgiving there have been several things that drove my 2 1/2 yr Male crazy. He used to be a real cuddler but after 4 dogs in the house brought by our houseguests and obtaining a new kitten he is licking all the fur from his backside and is really tense when we cuddle him.He hisses and spits at the new cat then runs away like he is scared. He even hisses at his sister if she startles him. I was thinking of valerian,but don't know if it is safe for cats. Any suggestions would be appreciated. BTW the dogs are gone and we will rehome the kitten if we can.She was a rescue.
I don't see why you need to rehome the kitten, you made a commitment when you adopted her. Please do the responsible thing and at least try to work it out. There are commercial products I have heard of that help calm cats. I haven't used it personally, but have heard a lot of good things about Feliway. Here is their website: Give him some time, a proper introduction would have relieved a lot of stress. Good luck!
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I do use really does work! I had 1 neutered male, Taco, a friend moved in with 4 adult cats. We had the normal bickering and scrapping but nothing serious. Then moved in a 2 kittens. And then came another adult, Gracie. Then it was on! Taco and Gracie, both manx, have decided to become sworn, mortal enemies.

I began using the Feliway diffuser and while they have not become best buddies, they do seem to tolerate each other more easily. When the diffuser runs out and it's time for a can tell. Taco starts picking fights with everybody!

While it is not a complete cure all, it does help. I'd recommend trying it.

You can get coupons on and Amazon has good prices on the refills.

Good luck!
I would take Bock's advice. DEFINITELY read that article. Even if your cats have been around each other already... I've never given my cats anything to calm them down, but it's a personal opinion. I feel like that kind of thing is temporary at best and masks the problem instead of fixing it...

When I got my new kitten, I kind of just put the poor thing in the middle of the room and let them sort it out the first few days... Not really good advice.
What my ex and I did after realizing our mistake was let our older cats each have their own room (the bedroom for one and the computer room for the other) and kept the kitten out of those rooms for a few days. This gave the older cats a place to get away from her and have some peace. Even if you don't have the space to give each cat their own room, just having a secluded space for your boy to get away from the kitten should be okay. I would recommend giving your boy a way to hide up high a bit so that he doesn't have to be on the same level as the kitten. Don't force him to be around the kitten if he doesn't want to.

A lot of problems seemed to stem, too, from how hyper the kitten was. Both my older cats were calm and this new kitten was a hell-raiser. Even a calm kitten has more hyperactivity than an older cat. We found that we had to keep an eye out and if the kitten was too playful, we would seperate them and play with her until she was tired and then let them together again. Usually made for happier cats.

Our cats eventually got along quite well after some time (I think it was a few months) and will even sleep together and groom each other now. It did take time, though.

Another mistake I think people make is trying to get the stressed cat to be cuddly again right away. Give him space, let him come to you... If he wants picked up and cuddled, then by all means, do so. If he wants down, don't try to hold him to you. It will just make it worse. I would just let him do his own thing for a bit. He should hopefully come around in time.

Good luck to you and your cats. I hope they start getting along.
Thanks for the helpful information. Just a little more info on my op. My male and his full sister have their own room that they have always slept in. They are indoor/outdoor cats. The hissing at the new kitten is improving to the point that during the day they can be close together without problems. Yesterday they were sleeping on my bed together. The problems started before the new kitten arrived. We had Thanksgiving visitors that brought 4 dogs with then. We kept the two cats in our bedroom and let them in and out through that door. The room they usually sleep in is the mud room and the dogs were in and out that door.
My male started licking his back hip while they were here and licked the top layer of fur off. He has continued to do this ever since. I only cuddle him when he wants to be held. I am just looking for a solution to the licking problem. Bitter apple didn't work, I think he likes it! I have to leave for a 10 day trip to CA on Tuesday and since he is really my cat I'm afraid that it will just add to his stress level. My DH will be staying home to care for the critters Any further ideas are greatly appreciated.
One thing you might be able to try for the licking is mixing a bit of cayenne pepper with vaseline and putting in on the spot(s). I've done that with my cats a couple times. As long as he isn't licking the spot raw, it shouldn't burn/hurt him and the taste will be enough to get him to stop. It might be a little messy, but a thin layer should be enough.

Maybe to help with the stress of you leaving, you can leave a used shirt/blanket/etc of yours where he sleeps. If you haven't already, it might help to get rid of any traces of the dog smell, too.

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