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    Hello, I'm looking for suggestions as to a Name. I'd do not want the word TREAT in it.. Read below to see what The name is for

    My husband (and I sorta) are Independent Contractors for a ice cream truck company, Yes were the ppl who drive around neiborhoods playing that gawd awfuly anoying music that sends your children into begging machines.. or mabey sets you into your childhood and has you running for the truck to Enjoy a Ice cream.

    problem is.. since we been doing this (around end of 09) we are starting to get sick of the same ol same ol. of Driving 1 hour to the compnay we Drive thru.. To stock up, turn in money and recieve our cut. the owner says "we work for ourselfs were just "barrowing his equipment".. yet He dictates how much we are to work and what hours we are to start and stop. he likes you out 7 days a week. from 11am till 9pm.. so basicaly ALL DAY LONG!! and he dose not like it when you leave your truck unattended.. so this means.. you don't P or eat unless your starving or Floating.

    we do like the company.. it gave us a job when we were at our wits end and thought we'd nver find one. I use to drive too. but gave it up.. being on the road 5 days of the week. (I refused to work 7) all day long. just got old for me and I never saw my kids. they were barely awake when I left. and in bed when I came home. so now just hubby dose it.

    and for the money he makes for this guy.. our cut is barely worth it. after we gas up the Work truck. were lucky to have half of what we bring home. left for our personal bills. yes it pays the bills and is enough to do it.. but it be nice to not have to see that Lump sum handed over to someone else only to get 25 % of the total. esp when some weeks we make the guy 2000 bucks PLUS.

    so we figured we are going to find a loan company that is willing to give 2 poor credit ppl a small start up "small business" loan. just enough to purchse a ready equip ice cream truck. a spare freezer for the house to store extra stock.. a good month or 2 month suply of product and the nessary licenses we will need. plus mabey have a few hundred left to keep on hand for any Unforessen repairs.

    We figured it would work beacuse
    He has a custumer base already. in around 8 diffrent neiborhoods. so he has a specific neiborhood for each day of the week excpt the only day he takes off. but yet if he decides to work he has a place he can go for that day.. and all these places already know when to expect him and most are all waiting on him beacuse they know what day he comes there.
    We already know how much he adverges each day. and we figured it out. our next goal is to see how much product we need to order from a distrubior to have it delieverd to the house. and see what our adverage monthly or every other month stock up cost will be. but in the end I figured if we put all our profits first into the loan and get it paid first.. we could have it paid in less then 2 years.. mabey even less then 1 year. esp if we know we could pay 1,000 per week on it.

    so I'd like some name suggestions, Plz no TREAT in the name.. the place we drive for has the word TREAT in it.. as do the other 3 companys in our state. and we do not plan to ever expand. its always just gonna be us. (or him) if we ever do get a 2nd truck it would be for back up.. for if one truck is broke down and in the shop we have a 2nd truck to fall on. and if both are ever on the road it will be ME driving it.

    Thanks for any and all suggestions.. sorry for any typos' but i'm tired and it's late. and I just am to lazy to fix any typos
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    best wishes on your venture!!!! [​IMG]
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    Aug 25, 2008
    Frozen Delights
    Or a cutsey variation like D'lites - but I am not a fan of cutsey.

    We All Scream For Ice Cream (that might be copyrighted)
    Ice Cream and More
    Dessert on Wheels
    Sprinkles and More

    Sorry, I'm a bit numb right now, too. I drove a roach coach for a while - until the day I got robbed. The owner inventoried my truck and wanted the money for all I had sold- didn't matter that I had been robbed! [​IMG]

    Hope you can find a reasonable loan and have great success with your venture! [​IMG]
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    Jul 10, 2011
    W. Georgia
    wow ranch-hand ss about that!!.. and that is stupid he wanted the money !! i know the owner of our company is always concerned for his drivers. and would never do that.
    he is actualy a great guy.. we just are sick of seeing all that money we make go to someone else. kinda heart breaking when you add it up. and at the end of the week u see how much you made.. and then look at the little bit you got to keep.

    esp when the owner say's he can normaly tell by the first day if a driver is gonna work. and he thought from Day 1. that my husband would not last the week. and here we are on our third season with them.

    I"m excited with the prospect. i'm just not to keen on knowing it could mean I will loose my Medical ins. (I get medicade ). but I see it if we make alot. I can just get us a realy good Ins. that pays for everything and not have to Worrie about if medicade will cover a needed perscription or procedure.

    Even thou this would be hubby driving, I am going to be the one who Gets to name our little Truck, and mabey do the ordering.. and Design a website so if ppl want to have party's and "contract" out our truck for the party, I'll do that.

    Keep the name suggestions comming!!!
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    Mar 12, 2009
    I don't have a name for you but I wish you the best. That is something I've also thought about for several years now. Not really ice cream but having a food vendor trailer. Got too many animals to try to pull it off now but my plan is to cut way back on those this fall. When you get you get rolling I might hit you up for some advice.
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    Jul 10, 2011
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    Quote:thanks! I'm soooo stuck on a name.. lol. I want it to sound whimiscal and cute. catchy. something ppl notice
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