Sultan stopped laying


12 Years
Mar 23, 2010
Rhode Island
My 8 month old Sultan was laying an egg every other day for about 6 weeks, then she stopped cold turkey. She is not really molting and it seems that once her coop mate, a cochin, started laying, she stopped. What's up with that? The temps are in the 60s now and in the 40s at night but she started her strike when the temps were still in the 70s and the nights were still in the 60s.
You say she is not really molting. What exactly do you mean? 8 to 9 months is prime time for a mini-molt. In addition, some chickens molt so subtly that it's hard to tell they really are molting.
I have a March 2010 BR pullet that laid for 6 weeks and hasn't laid in a month. I give up.
I'm in the same boat. My 10 month old EE was my best layer. Big green eggs every day. Suddenly, she's stopped cold turkey! I have had one egg in two weeks. She's lost a few panty feathers, but that's it. She acts fine, but her poo is a bit runny. Not sure what to do. Hopefully they start up again soon!
I have a March 2010 Light Sussex who stopped laying about 5 days ago. She was laying everyday for about 2 months, then just quit. I would love to hear any answers to this cause looking at the posts, it seems to be happening to a lot of other people too. I dont think she is in molt, she looks fine, eats fine, i'm just stumped!
I am not seeing white feathers everywhere like I am with the golden laced and black mottled cochins. Her poop is a bit runny but the color is fine. She seems in good health. I know the Sultan is a poor layer and rarely, if ever, goes broody. I just found it odd that she stopped the minute my cochin started.

I think the reduced sunlight and the recent temp drops could be part of it as well. Oh well, I didn't get them for eggs anyway....they're all bantams so it takes 2 of their mini eggs to make one large egg. But, Man! Those yolks are huge!
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