Supposed to be a Gold-Laced Wyandotte hen, but has cockerel-like feathers???

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Mar 21, 2012
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I ordered a bunch of what were supposed to be female day-old chicks this spring from Mt Healthy. One (a SLW) ended up being a cockerel, but this one has me absolutely puzzled.

I have three GLW's. Two of them look like normal hens, but there's one that is larger and has hackle and saddle feathering like a cockerel. It doesn't have 'spur buds,' or a large comb like the one I know for sure is a cockerel, and my rooster doesn't bother it like he does the one I know for sure is a cockerel; he treats it just like the rest of the hens.

I thought if anyone could give me some insight, you guys could. Here are some photos I took last night:

The two normal GLW hens:


And the questionable one:

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That is definitely a rooster. Most hatcheries only guarantee 90% accuracy on sexing (though most do better), so you are going to have the occasional mistake. Your other roo probably is not bothering him yet since the glw is still young.
Thanks. That was kind of my suspicion. I was just a little confused since he doesn't look like the SLW that is the same age and is definitely a cockerel (the GLW even has the big fluffy butt like the hens do! LoL), and why my rooster treats him just like the rest of the hens. My roo is constantly after the SLW. I'm going to have to separate them before too long, I'm afraid.
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