Surprise Chick


7 Years
Oct 30, 2012
Southern Maine
We have 2 white Silkies (one rooster /one hen), 2 Silver Spangled Hamburg hens, and 2 Golden Sebright hens plus a newly hatched chick that was a surprise. The Silkie hen was broody - laying in three eggs that we never figured would hatch. Today she emerged from the coop for the first time in several weeks. When my daughter picker her up...Surprise!...there was a dark colored chick peeping away on the ground.

We created an area in the coop separated from the other chickens by wire fence to protect the chick. The mother hen appears to be very attentive, so we are leaving the chick with her.

Any advice is appreciated.
Just make sure that there is a waterer and chick starter available to the hen and chick - the hen will do the rest. The chick will brood under the hen for warmth, the hen should protect the chick from the other chickens. Sometimes though you will get 2 hens fighting over the chick. if this happens the chick always looses. If fighting over the chick occures then remove the hen and chick to a separate area with their food and water.
Congrats! Looks very healthy!


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