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Sep 13, 2012
Ralphie, the key to large onions. Pick the right variety, plant in very fertile soil with good drainage, and water daily generously.
I get large onions. We softened up our ground quite a bit but dumping all the leaves and grass clippings on it and filling it in for a couple years. I don’t dig around or anything. I do get some small ones but most are pretty big. Maybe not softballs but some are close.
so about those onions, yes to loose soil and good fertility, choosing a variety that grows large, like Vidalia, or Alisa Craig, Or Walla Walla. Watering has to be CONSISTENT! An inch of water a week or so, the amount is less important than the consistency. The biggest consideration is to not use sets. Sets are dormant dry onions, like the ones you buy in the store, but smaller. When you grow sets, or even started plants, a considerable amount of plant energy goes into getting the plant growing again. Onions started in January, under a grow light, in your house, are more forgiving and tolerant of outside growing conditions, they grow larger, because they don’t have to Grow, stop and start growing again. 😁 Hope that helps
-also seeing green seedlings in January, is SO good for the soul! 😉


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Jul 11, 2014
Orrock township, Minnesota
We probably won’t hear from him for awhile. He called me this morning and I suggested he stop by here and say “Hi”. I didn’t know that was all he would say.

He still has birds but not a lot. He says JJ Junior might be headed to the oven. He had taken a liking to beating up Holm’s Grandpa. This is not good for his long term survival.

Luckily, I have another Tom he can have, and he’s a real looker!

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