Surviving Minnesota!


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Jul 11, 2014
Orrock township, Minnesota
Ralphie you should try saying things like - I am smarter than that because no matter what I say I am in trouble . Not touching that .
While that is a good approach with a normal woman, it will not work with the WW. She would come back with, “well, say something.” Followed by, “Do you think I will get mad if you agree with me?”

Of course, only an amateur can not see there is no correct answer to that one. Remaining silent would only work for so long then she would be upset because I wasn’t talking to her.

It is simply a no win situation and I just have to take the punishment at some point. So I might as well take it early on and get it over with.


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Apr 17, 2017
I am not sure, but I think I said something wrong.

My wife was talking about a work friend of hers and said, “ she Looks so young and good looking.”

She made it seem as if I was suppose to answer her. I being older and wiser knew saying, “you’re right, she is hot looking” would be the wrong answer.

I picked a safer route and said, “ You use to be good looking”.

I have no idea what the proper answer is, but that’s not it.

I am thinking the comment was a trick question much like does this dress make me look fat.
The correct answer would have been
But not as good as you.

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