Surviving Minnesota!


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Sep 7, 2015
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I'm close enough to there too :old :oops: Still worth it if they are placed well. It feels good to do things like this for whoever comes after us on the land. And they are pretty. These are two of mine.
They are pretty trees and give shade. I have over 3dz mature Walnut trees.
It's a challenge to grow a garden because of the toxins in the roots. The roots go out at least as tall as the tree. I gave up picking up walnuts when it got to be 4 wheel barrows every day for a month. I mow them up and the poultry like to eat the meats and worms that get in the hulls.
I keep telling myself that they are better than Ash. Almost all the ash have died from longhorn beetle


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Feb 24, 2013
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I planted apple trees 10 years ago and had about a half dozen apples. I am not planting a walnut and watching it for ten years for 2 nuts in 10 years.
I'm older than you and I continue to plant new trees every year. I got a good crop of apples from my Honeycrisp tree this year. I got a good crop from my prune type plums for the first time in about 15 years.

I will plant more new trees next year.


Jul 1, 2017
Upper Midwest, USA
Hm, it doesn't take that long for apples to start producing. Something else is going on - varieties incompatible with each other or with the climate, not enough pollinators, fertilizer or pruning issues, something.

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