Suspect Roos


6 Years
Sep 21, 2013
Hello, everyone!

I'm hoping to get some confirmation here on a couple of our chickens. For some time now, we thought we had 4 hens. Recently, though, a couple of them have started crowing throughout the day. Our Cuckoo Marans looks totally different than the other we had, which we KNEW was a rooster. When "she" started crowing, I thought this was something particular to the breed. A little searching through previous discussions here confirmed that it IS possible of the dominant hen - as is mounting another hen - when there is no rooster present. "She" and the other suspect roo were among the older chicks we purchased back in May, and while one of the other hens has begun laying, these two have not.

I did look and both do have the beginnings of spurs...

I would love to get feedback, so I can finally put my suspicions to rest.

Thank you in advance!


Ah, yes! The saddle feathers. I do remember reading about those and thinking they pertained to these two too, but forgot about it when I was writing my post.

Thank you for the confirmation! I do appreciate it.
Both are roosters. The combs are large and red, and the Buff Orpington exhibits darker, patchy coloring on its wings. Like Veer67, I also see the beginnings of spurs. Pretty boys!

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